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Do you wear glasses or contacts? Do you ever panic because you can’t find your glasses or a contact lens comes out? Have you ever worried that your eyes will get so bad that glasses just aren’t enough? Or maybe you’re worried that you can’t afford expensive new glasses, let alone eye surgery, to try and fix your vision.

You’re not alone; approximately 194 million adults in the United States wear corrective lenses of some type.

The story of Dr. Dean Avant

Dr. Dean Avant, the creator of IGenics Eye Supplement, began to rapidly lose his sight around the age of 55. He had worn prescription glasses for many years, but suddenly began experiencing rapid vision changes. He felt a gray haze over his eyes, and it grew thicker every morning. The degeneration of his eyes became so rapid that he had to undergo an examination. He was tested by a colleague and diagnosed with macular degeneration.

Dr. Avant was hesitant to undergo LASIK surgery due to his familiarity with the dangers of complications and painful side effects. People born blind can fully embrace an active lifestyle, but losing sight in old age is usually very limiting and requires a lot of help to adjust.

The doctor and his business partner have started working to create a natural formula that restores your vision without the need for major surgery, painful eye procedures or expensive lenses. You can once again view your world with clarity despite your deteriorating vision. Whether you suffer from macular degeneration, cataracts, astigmatism or myopia, Dr. Avant has a solution.

Their formula, IGenics Eye Supplement, has now helped over 87,000 patients achieve crystal clear vision.

Vision loss

Vision loss does not always result from genetic makeup or aging, as some people over the age of 80 have crystal clear vision. You are not guaranteed to develop glaucoma, cataracts or other refractive errors just because your parents had them.

According to Dr. Avant, the underlying cause of vision deterioration most likely results from chemically processed toxins in plastics, food, or medications. Toxins lead to diseases like diabetes 2, a health problem linked to your vision. The tissues that make up your eye absorb contaminated toxins leading to eye breakdown or inflammation of the system.

Your lifestyle and your vision loss

Your dietary lifestyle may also be insufficient nutrition for your eyes. The deterioration of vision can come from ocular malnutrition and toxins. Optic atrophy weakens your eye muscles since your eyes are not being used as intended.

The modern world has a different lifestyle where everyone zooms in on screens and smartphones for long hours. The latter has led to epidemic vision loss affecting young and old alike.

The IGenics Eye Supplement Formula

Dr. Avant worked tirelessly with a team of biotechnologists to develop a unique formula from a combination of 8 carefully blended extracts and vitamins. Her vision was improving every day because of the combination of these ingredients. He realized that his eye deterioration had stopped and decided to contact volunteers with similar vision problems. According to the manufacturer, out of 431 volunteers, 98% had positive results after taking IGenics Eye Supplement for just two weeks.

The IGenics Eye Supplement formula benefits your vision because it:

  • Contains powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients
  • Helps strengthen the optic nerve
  • Its ingredients are high quality and pure
  • Production is carried out in a GMP facility
  • The product is non-GMO, ensuring your safety
  • IGenics Eye Supplement’s unique formula effectively treats your vision from the root of your problem, healing your eyes at the cellular level.

The active ingredients ensure that your eye is protected against dangerous environmental toxins, especially OP-a toxin linked to myopia, eye movement disorders, vision loss, severe blurred vision, edema of the optic disc, optic nerve atrophy, retinal degeneration and astigmatism.

Composition of IGenics Eye Supplement

The natural formula is composed of vital elements, including:

  • Quercetin – a powerful flavonoid, quercetin has antioxidant properties that help protect your eyes from oxidative stress. It strengthens your vision and prevents OP interference with your eye neurotransmitters located in your retina. Toxins can cause cataracts, color disturbances or even blindness.
  • Bilberry – a relative of cranberries and blueberries, the bilberry is found growing wild throughout Northern Europe. They are rich in anthocyanins and are said to have anti-inflammatory properties. Some small studies have found positive effects in reducing retinal nerve inflammation in patients with macular degeneration.
  • Lutein – scientific evidence shows that lutein has positive effects on eye health. This is probably related to the fact that it is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Further research is needed to determine the most beneficial dosage.
  • The website states that IGenics Eye Supplement also contains five other ingredients, but does not detail them.


It would be a relief to be freed from the glasses, contact lenses and fear of blindness that many people have. According to the creator, Dr. Dean Avant, the IGenics Eye Supplement formula will help you regain 20/20 vision without any painful surgery.

You can go the natural route today with IGenics Eye Supplement, which contains 100% natural ingredients that restore your damaged eyes. For best results, follow the dosage recommendation on the bottle. You may leave your optometrist shocked after following a natural and simple morning routine.

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