I’m a fashion expert – 10 fashion mistakes you make that make you look much older and why you should avoid cardigans

A FASHION expert has revealed the 10 fashion mistakes you make – and they instantly age you.

Shea Whitney has revealed the 10 mistakes that can make you look older, but luckily they’re all so easy to fix.


Shea Whitney revealed the top ten fashion mistakes that make you look olderCredit: youtube/SheaWhitney
Cardigans over dresses always make you look older says Shea


Cardigans over dresses always make you look older says SheaCredit: Getty

Capri pants

In a YouTube clip, she revealed they were old-fashioned and very unflattering.

“They cut your leg in the worst place, it cuts your leg right in the middle of your calf and it makes your legs look a lot bigger and chunkier than they really are.”

She adds that it also tricks your eyes to make your torso look the same length as your legs.

Long legs make you look younger, so it’s best to opt for ankle length pants as they are more flattering.

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Bermuda shorts

This style of shorts has a similar effect to capri pants, cutting you off in all the wrong areas.

The length does nothing for your figure and can look aging because of it.

That being said, Shea doesn’t recommend opting for Jessica Simpson shorts — instead, opt for shorts that cut just above the knee.

Awkward shoes

“A lot of people are forced into bulky shoes because they need comfort rather than style,” Shea says.

But now you can buy comfortable shoes that still look stylish, the fashion expert adds.

“Shop around and you’ll be surprised how stylish you can be,” she said.

Children’s style clothing

Anything that’s supposed to be youthful and meant for little girls like Mary Jane shoes will instantly age you.

cardigans over dresses

This brings Shea to her next point, cardigans over dresses.

“It looks really juvenile to me, something you see five and six-year-old little girls wearing,” the expert said.

Instead, Shea recommends opting for a blazer over an oversized dress or cardigan.

Floral prints

Some floral prints can work, but oversized prints will often make you look like you’ve shopped in your grandma’s wardrobe.

Shea said, “Big, chunky, bold floral prints make you look older.”

while intricate designs make you look younger.

Coin purse with outside pockets

We all like to stay organized, but purses with pockets on the outside instantly add a few decades to your age.

“So aging and it doesn’t look so good,” Shea reveals.

Instead, buy a purse organizer to put inside to keep your things organized without the dreaded exterior pockets.


According to Shea, a study found that wearing reading glasses makes you look at least five years older.

She said there were plenty of stylish frames to choose from, but avoid glasses with rhinestones or embellishments.

Matching jewelry

You may have been on trend wearing matching jewelry sets in the early 2000s, but that’s not the case anymore.

The fashion expert explained, “It definitely ages you and makes you look way older than you are.”

“Mix and match your metals, it’s a great way to look youthful,” she adds.

dark hair

Although Shea is a brunette, she recommends experimenting with lighter blonde hair colors to look younger.

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She said that once you start going gray, brown hair often enhances its appearance and it’s a good idea to gradually go lighter as you transition.

“It hides the grays as they come in and just makes you look much younger,” she adds.

Giant floral prints can add years to your look


Giant floral prints can add years to your lookCredit: Getty

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