“It’s not like I imagined you”

Married at first sight Star Selina Chhaur has shocked fans with throwback photos where she looks completely unrecognizable.

Jumping on the TikTok Teenage Dirtbag trend, where people are sharing photos of themselves now before showing snaps from their teenage years, Selina was stunned by a series of old snaps.

The TikTok started with her smile in the video, before showing a photo of her wearing a ruched strapless dress, posing with a chunky belt and looking sweet with her hair styled in 90s butterfly clips.

Selina Chhaur looks unrecognizable in old snaps. Source: Tik Tok

Selina poked fun at herself in the music video caption, flared jeans and chunky belts before fans shared their thoughts on her outburst.

“That’s not how I pictured you at all,” one said before Selina replied, “I can’t stop laughing at my photos.”


Another commented that the photos were “adorable” while others described them as “beautiful” and “cute”.

Next MAFSSelina has undergone a dramatic transformation, recoloring her blonde hair to her natural shade of brown and ditching her blue contact lenses.

Talk to Yahoo LifestyleSelina said she’s held on to a lot of trauma since she was a child.

“I was a little bullied when I was younger because I was different, and bullying doesn’t just mean people yelling at you or pushing you around. Bullying can actually be just like leaving someone out and making them feel left out because they’re different, and I experienced that a lot as a kid,” he said. she stated.

“After MAFS I went home, I thought a lot and I was like, you know what? I will adopt my natural look. I love being Asian and I love my culture and I’m proud, so I want to represent!

Selina added that when going out, she felt compelled to wear her blue contacts, as she didn’t feel beautiful or confident without them.

“I thought having blonde hair and blue eyes was attractive and I only felt beautiful when I had my blue contacts and when I had my freshly styled blonde hair. It has been so empowering and liberating to return to my natural roots. I love it,” she said.

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