Jaleel White to reprise Steve Urkel in new movie

Jaleel White brings Urkel back

Ultra nostalgia for the kids of the 90s as the ultimate memory of children’s television returns, the reboot of Family affairs.

Jaleel White revisits his role as Steven Quincy Urkel in cover movie that will air on Cartoon Network and HBO Max according to tvweb.com. The film, based on the premise of the eight-season family sitcom, will feature the obnoxious “Did I do this?” voiceover by the original star.

Aired on September 22, 1989, the show revolves around the Winslows, a middle-class family who lived in Chicago. Carl Winslow, a policeman who was quite stick in the mud, one of the main characters who lay the foundation for the series.

White in the cast of season 1

Steve Urkel made his first appearance midway through the first season. The eccentric neighbor in suspenders and bifocals had only one goal; win the heart of Laura Winslow, Carl’s daughter. Carl Winslow, the often irritated man of the house, finds Urkel the most annoying person, yet the most adorable.

Urkel starts out as an escape character who quickly earns his way to become the main character of the popular series.

According to family questions.fandom.com, the show’s success spanned nearly a decade, airing on ABC from 1992 to 1997, with its season finale airing on CBS. Nowadays, Family affairs is the second oldest show. The show’s success has gone down in history as one of the two oldest shows to feature a predominantly black cast.

According to tvweb.com, Did I do this on vacation? A Steve Urkel, WarnerMedia’s is announcing its lineup of shows and movies to air on Cartoon Network before making way for HBO Max next year. The animated film is written by Wyatt Cenac as Bryan Newton as director.

The vacation block starts this month. It’s the season !

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