Joy Behar’s blunder on ‘the View’ amazes audiences

Joy Behar caused a lot of double takes View recently, and this morning, she added an all-time quote to her repertoire of chaotic statements. After challenging, uh, everyone To hang out with their families on Thanksgiving earlier this holiday season, the comedy co-host made another statement that caused her fellow panelists to ask, “Huh?” And, of course, after the events took place live, social media was all over the hysteria, completely bewildered by Behar’s big blunder.

The co-host was on another of her classic Trump tirades when the claim slipped out. While criticizing the former president over the massive number of deaths from COVID in the country, Behar massively underestimated the number of Americans who have died from the disease in the past two years.

“400 people have died under his watch from COVID,” Behar proclaimed aloud. “I say it like that.”

At first, no one on the panel seemed to notice. Sara Haines continued to discuss the hot topic – but around one line in her argument, Sunny Hostin finally realized the factual mistake that had been made.

“400… thousand? She clarified.

“400 people,” Behar insisted.

“A thousand,” Hostin corrected.

“400 thousand people? Behar said, completely stunned. “No!”

Whoopi Goldberg was at a loss for words, but tried to make sense of his friend: “You say only 400 people died?

“That’s what I got,” Behar said, glancing at his notes again.

“Enough to?” Haines pushed.

“COVID!” Behar said, confused as to why his co-hosts saw an issue with the statement.

“No, 800,000,” Haines replied. “We have 800,000 in this country alone.”

Eventually, Behar realized his mistake: he was missing an ever-important pair of bifocals. Beauty hurts, Joy! You need these glasses for a reason.

“I’m not reading well, I’m sorry,” she apologized. “I need my glasses.

As Behar borrowed Goldberg’s reading glasses to correct his big problem, Hostin continued to make sense of it: “There were hundreds of people who died from COVID who didn’t have to die from COVID. “

And while the studio audience was having a good laugh, people all over social media were rolling on Behar’s massive error. Nothing like a good Behar gaff to warm up the crowd on a frosty Tuesday morning! “No Joy,” one user wrote, “Hundreds of thousands of people have died from COVID due to Trump’s mismanagement of the pandemic !!! You know that without reading the map lol.

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