Maharashtra HSC 2021 results: MSBSHSE publishes class 12 results finalization schedule

The Maharashtra State Council for Secondary and Higher Education has declared the grade tabulation schedule for the 2020-21 Class Council 12 exams based on the school’s internal assessments. A July 21 deadline has been set for principals to complete student grades in the state council’s online system. The state council’s results are expected to be announced by July 31.

“I ask all junior colleges and teachers to adhere to the schedule for reporting results in a timely manner. For a fair and objective assessment, all stakeholders should carefully read the established procedures and ensure that their roles and responsibilities are clearly understood. I am confident that our colleges and teachers will undertake the process with the highest degree of professionalism, consistency and care, ”said Public School Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad.

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According to the schedule published by the MSBSHSE, on July 7 between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., a training program would be organized via YouTube for all teachers and principals on the grading system. Between July 7 and July 14, assessments are to be performed on students who have not undergone any sort of internal assessment – unit tests, quarterly exams, homework, projects – due to the Covid-19 situation.

Classroom teachers must then transmit the final marks of each student to the results committee set up at the secondary / college level. Between July 8 and July 17, the results committee must scrutinize the final marks sent by the class teacher. From July 14 to July 21, principals are required to complete the student’s final grades in the State Council’s online system. From July 23, the departmental and state directorates of the MSBSHSE will do the work necessary for the declaration of results.

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A seven-member results committee headed by the school principal should be formed immediately. He will organize a meeting of all subject teachers and make sure they understand the methodology for calculating marks, compiles the results on time and also reviews the results before they are sent to the state.

The results are to be compiled for nearly 14 lakh of class 12, upper secondary students.

The scores will be calculated on the basis of a three-year evaluation formula, similar to that adopted by the CBSE. HSC student scores will be calculated using a 30:30:40 formula, which is the ‘best of three’ grades for Class 10 subjects, the final exam scores for Class 11, and the rest based on the ‘college level assessment in class 12, which may be unit tests, first semester exams or practice exams. For the practical component, marks will be awarded according to the existing policy of the State Council.

The same assessment mode will also be used to assess a candidate’s performance appearing for minimum proficiency vocational courses, bifocal vocational courses and courses aligned with the National Competency Qualification Framework (NSQF).

To relax, the Maharashtra State Council for Secondary and Higher Education (MSBHSHSE) decided to pass all students. Any student who achieves less than the minimum score will be awarded Grace Points and will be promoted to the next class.

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