Man sparks debate on TikTok about the ‘right’ way to cut English muffins

Sometimes it helps to read the instructions.

This is what Sidneyraz, 32, showed his 1.1 million followers at the end of August when he shared what is apparently the correct way to separate English muffins.

In an ongoing TikTok series where he shares things he’d like to know before he turns 30, Sidneyraz demonstrated that English muffins should be cut in half with a fork.

“Are you supposed to open the English muffins with a fork?” He asked near the start of his 30-second clip.

The stunned TikTok creator then put on his reading glasses before reading the instructions printed on the back of the packet of English muffins.

“Divide with a fork,” he read aloud.

While trying out the method, Sidneyraz took a fork and sliced ​​it in half using the teeth of the utensil.

“Fork. Slowly insert it. It’s going to be perfect,” he said when he began his demonstration. “It – it’s perfect.”

The video garnered over 6.3 million views and 744,500 likes from TikTok users.

Thousands of commentators were divided over the discovery of Sidneyraz, with some already knowing the correct way to separate English muffins while many others were unaware or did not care about the method.

“Fork helps get better nooks and crannies,” noted one TikTok user. “I thought everyone knew that.”

Sidneyraz on TikTok insists English muffins are “split with a fork.”
Sidneyraz via TikTok
Sidneyraz on TikTok insists English muffins are
TikTok users have been baffled by Sidneyraz’s method of splicing an English muffin with a fork.
Sidneyraz via TikTok

“I literally eat an English muffin everyday and tear it up and hope for the best, but now I just want to try this,” another user wrote.

Other reviewers have stated that they prefer to use knives or their hands with a “fist n twist” technique.

One opponent wrote: “You tell me I have to wash an extra dish then I won’t.”

Sidneyraz and representatives for Thomas ‘Baked Goods – a leader in the English muffin space – did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

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