Maui Pie Shop in Kihei makes Fruit, Cream and Savory Pies

A good piece of pie can be like a slice of heaven, so when I walked into the Maui Pie store at Azeka Mauka stores in Kihei, I was mouth watering with sweet anticipation. This cute pie shop in Kihei, sandwiched between Ono Gelato and Taco Bell, has a huge selection of pies. It’s no surprise that owners Ryan and Kellee Houghtaling told me pie is their passion.

“I grew up in my parents’ pie store, but during my college days I always thought I was going to do my own thing,” Kellee said. “My husband Ryan and I settled near the Ann Arbor area. He was doing auto repairs and I was doing marketing for a truck accessories company. Our hearts just weren’t in what we were doing. We were ready for some movement. We were on vacation in Maui. Ryan proposed me to Maui. We got married in Maui. Every time we had to leave, I screamed. We love this place and the energy it gives off.

Ryan said the idea of ​​a pie shop kept gaining ground.

“We were in the process of a big change, but we weren’t completely determined on what,” Ryan said. “As Maui felt at home, it made sense that we didn’t put down too deep roots in Michigan. We thought the best way to get into this dream was to do something that someone else had done before us that could help us, guide us through it.

After the honeymoon in Maui, they decided to move all in.

“We moved in with my parents to do a pie bootcamp,” Kellee said. “We got married in March and moved in to learn how to bake pies in June. We were newlyweds, living with my parents in my childhood room, with our dog. It was all crazy. We were full time at the bakery as bakers. They have a whole different system, and they have a quick, casual restaurant that does sandwiches and stuff, but we focused on baking the pies. “

Ryan had never made a pie before bootcamp.

“I’ve always been into food, especially salty,” says Ryan. “But I felt I needed to know how to bake a pie. Our parents’ recipes were the springboard for our store. We basically took the idea from their recipes and developed it into our own. Nothing is the same, really. We gained around 50 pounds during this process.

The idea of ​​ditching everything and going somewhere far away to bake pies is not far-fetched. It’s apparently in Kellee’s blood.

“My dad was working for an aerospace company and my mom was in medical sales and was living the corporate life in San Diego when they decided to bake pies,” she said. “I was 11 when we all moved to Traverse City, Michigan to open a pie store called Grand Traverse Pie Co. All of a sudden I had harsh winters with snow! They started their pie shop in 1996 – it was a small store at first, but they kept pushing back the walls and expanding. They started franchising and they now have 16 stores.

When they first arrived on the island, they were baking pies in Lokahi Pacific’s kitchen and selling them at the exchange meeting. But they quickly got past that. People wanted to pick up pies all week, not just on Saturdays. There were people who came to their homes or gathered in parking lots.

“We started to need our own kitchen because we got people who wanted pies every day,” Ryan said. “But to use the Lokahi kitchen, we had to book a few days in advance. So we couldn’t just bake a pie all the time.

They found the little place which had been a pizzeria for less than a year.

“We used to meet people in the Foodland parking lot to do pie business,” Kellee said. “I thought it must sound strange. I swear I only sell slippers! I loved being at the exchange meeting. Hope to be able to go back this fall. We started to think, Maui is really going to kiss us. You never know until you know. Then we got this place. It was a pistachio pizzeria. It was “pistachio” – I found the paint bucket. Ryan had to do a lot of the construction. The counter, the paint, all those changes, that was him.

The Maui Pie Shop has an incredible selection of pie flavors. The day I was there they had mango strawberries, raspberry peaches, apples, blueberries, cherries, rhubarb strawberries, Northshore berries and mountain berries in pie pies. fruits. The cream pies included lilikoi, lime, chocolate, coconut, chocolate haupia, and banana. The chocolate pies use Waialua chocolate produced in Oahu. Their pies are available in a large nine inch version and a mini six inch version.

Kellee said the iconic little heart in the middle of their pies is reminiscent of Grand Traverse Pie Co., but the pie-making style is their own.

“I feel like we’ve been guided this way in terms of the needs of the island and the space we can get and work with,” Kellee said. “Space is a hot commodity. So you know what, let’s start with what we know and we’re doing really well and that’s pie. We also make pie adjacent products, cookies, muffins, turnovers, coffee cakes, pies and quiches. For the most part, the pie is our bread and butter.

Their most popular pie is the chicken pie. Kellee said they ate a lot of it to sort out exactly the flavor they were looking for.

“I don’t know for how many months we ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner of pot pie,” Kellee says. I would still like to have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I had to brake. I must moderate my consumption.

Ryan said their team of bakers can now taste the new products.

“Our team can do the tasting now,” he said. “They know what we’re looking for when we’re testing something, so they have to taste it. The level of freshness, texture and flavor they know how to look for. We also have loyal customers to whom we give test products. “

They also make some quiche flavors for savory pies. You can buy what’s available at the store, or if you mean, omit the onions, order one to your specifications 24 hours in advance. You can also find their pies on the menu at Da Kitchen, Andaz, Fat Daddy’s and The Market in Wailea. Their pie shop also has free Wi-Fi.

Maui Pie

1280 Kihei Street South

Kihei, HI 96753




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