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Northern Michigan is known for its beautiful lakes, breathtaking trails and delicious restaurants. Stay safe this summer while taking in all that northern Michigan has to offer. Jessica Panoff, PA-C, of ​​the McLaren Northern Michigan MedCenter in Petoskey shares the following safety tips for the summer:

Always wear a life jacket

¯ Almost 85% of people who drown in boats were not wearing life jackets.

¯ Two-thirds of drowning victims are considered good swimmers.

Check the water

Temperature – How cold is too cold?

Here is a guide to water temperature and how it affects the body:

Below 77 degrees: Breathing begins to be affected.

70-60 degrees: difficult to control breathing and hold breath.

¯ 60-50 degrees: cannot regain control of breathing once lost. Start losing limb control after a few minutes of immersion.

¯ Below 40 degrees: The water is terribly cold. Complete loss of respiratory control.

Do not drink and boat

¯ You would not consider drinking alcohol and driving a car; a boat is no different.

Alcohol can be more dangerous on water than on land due to the marine environment which accelerates the effects of alcohol.

Be your own rescuer

Make sure everyone can swim well. If they can’t, use a life jacket.

Learn CPR.

¯ Never leave children unsupervised near water, even in the presence of a lifeguard.

Wear appropriate

Hiking boots

Wearing the proper hiking shoes protects your feet from bruises, abrasion of wild terrain, and exposure to insects and poison ivy.

Make a survival pack

Keep a backpack with a first aid kit, a change of clothes, non-perishable snacks, and water bottles in your vehicle. Make sure you have enough for each family member.

Stay Cool – Don’t Forget Water, Rest and Shade

Wear light-colored clothing to reflect the sunlight.

Wear clothes that breathe.

Wear a hat and sunglasses.

Stay hydrated with cold water and fluids that contain electrolytes.

Seek shade to avoid heatstroke.

Respect the fireworks


Obey local laws.

Read warning labels and descriptions before lighting.

Never give fireworks to children.

Alcohol and fireworks don’t mix.

Wear safety glasses when shooting fireworks.

Create a safety zone of 30 feet or more.

Have a bucket of water and a loaded water hose nearby.

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