Missouri Department of Conservation names Wayne County Chris L’Heureux as Southeastern Regional Lumberjack of the Year

The Missouri Department of Conservation named Wayne County’s Chris L’Heureux as the Southeastern Regional Lumberjack of the Year.

Its ability to harvest timber in a way that causes the least damage to the remaining resources on the site is “remarkable,” according to consultant forester William Riggle, who named L’Heureux.

“Chris always does a great job reducing residual damage to trees and putting best management practices in place,” said Riggle.

L’Heureux was presented with a framed certificate and a Stihl lumberjack safety kit with chainsaw leggings, saw helmet system, leather gloves and safety glasses.

Riggle said L’Heureux always strives to minimize soil erosion, which includes not harvesting on days when soil conditions are too wet.

“All of the landowners have told me that they love Chris personally, love his job and trust him,” Riggle said. “He keeps control of operations by logging like a worker and in an orderly fashion. “

L’Heureux completed the professional timber harvester training program in 2008.

The prize rewards loggers who practice low impact logging.

These loggers take extra time and effort to demonstrate how forest harvesting is to be carried out.

Their work uses forest resources in a sustainable manner while preserving these resources for future generations.

Award criteria include maintaining good working relationships with landowners and foresters, minimal damage to remaining trees and resources, prevention of soil erosion, site aesthetics after harvest is complete , job performance and safe use of equipment, use of harvested trees, desire to address wildlife management issues, and use of appropriate forest management techniques.

The logger must also be certified through the Professional Timber Harvester’s training program sponsored by the Missouri Forest Products Association and the Missouri Department of Conservation.

For more information on forestry jobs in Missouri, visit mdc.mo.gov.

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