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The following is a sample of the Montpellier police calls in recent days.

May 31stA backpack was found on National Life Drive.

There was a car crash on Cedar Hill Lane at approximately 4:45 am No injuries were reported.

What appeared to be a person lying on the ground under a bridge on State Street turned out to be a sleeping bag.

Graffiti was reported on rue Barre.

June 1There was a suspicious vehicle on River Street.

A wallet was lost somewhere in town.

On River Street, a wallet was found and returned to its owner.

June 2A camera and a bag of equipment were lost downtown.

People were trying to buy marijuana from those who used the River Street dispensary.

Someone pulled a dog out of a hot car on Barre Street and tied it to a parking meter.

Property was lost on Main Street.

June 3Crosswalk signs have been moved to State Street.

An internet scam has been reported on Elm Street.

On East State Street, a gunshot was heard.

People were drunk on Mechanic Street.

June 4Graffiti was reported on Main Street and Pioneer Street.

A driver’s license was found downtown.

On Main Street, a dog was left in a vehicle.

People were skateboarding by the city pool.

Someone was abusing a dog in rue Barre.

A bicycle has been stolen from the Jacobs Lot.

Gunshots were heard on Murray Hill Drive.

June 5A dog was found on Edwards Street and returned to its owner.

Bifocals have been lost in Hubbard Park.

June 6There was a septic problem on Dog River Road.

A vehicle caught fire on River Street.

On Main Street, a man allegedly vandalized a city sign cleaning up graffiti.

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