Murray launches bid for Delaware attorney general

Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Julianne Murray throws her hat in the ring for next year’s race for attorney general.

Murray believes his gubernatorial candidacy last year will help him, as it has earned him some notoriety.

She says she also learned a lot about the Delawaren, noting that she has found that while the state is diverse, security is the common core value.

Murray says public safety is the reason she is running, outlining three key principles that will guide her campaign.

“Law enforcement does not feel like it has the backing of the attorney general,” Murray said. “I think people are concerned about crime and protecting themselves, and I am also concerned about the level of prosecution and keeping violent criminals off the streets.”

Murray adds that she wants the GA office to focus on law enforcement. She says the current state attorney general, Democrat Kathy Jennings, is making office politics and bending to a social agenda.

Murray, she’s heard from law enforcement officials who think no one is supporting them, and she plans to find ways to balance law enforcement support with community concerns.

“One of the things for communities is to assure them that I don’t have rose-colored glasses and that all law enforcement is doing everything 100% perfect all the time. There are bad apples in every job. “Murray said. “So I have zero, zero tolerance for a law enforcement officer who abuses his position. “

If elected, Murray also pledges to serve her full term and not run for governor in 2024.

Retired Kent County Judge Charles Welch announced earlier this month that he is also seeking the Republican nomination as attorney general. The post is currently held by Democrat Kathy Jennings, who has yet to announce a candidacy for re-election.

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