New SportSpec clips directly onto the brim of a hat to replace bifocal lenses for golfers, anglers and other enthusiasts.

SportSpec’s compact design allows it to fit neatly under a hat and go unnoticed when not in use

MICHIGAN, USA, September 1, 2022 / — The brand new SportSpec is a single-lens optical device that clips directly onto the brim of a hat and replaces bifocal glasses while wearers golf, fish, repair cars, and participate in a host of other activities.

SportSpec’s compact design allows it to fit neatly under a hat and go unnoticed when not in use. The sleek profile allows it to be used with or without sunglasses or prescription lenses that a user already wears.

SportSpec was designed by Optical Pioneer Hall of Famer Jerry Mansuy and operates on a patented magnetic ball hinge design. Because it clips right onto the brim of your hat, unlike competitors, it hides out of sight when not in use.

Mansuy created the SportSpec to reduce his frustration with his readers while playing golf. Mansuy worked in the optical industry for 55 years and owned Vision Craft, an established and well-recognized optical lens lab in southeast Michigan, before retiring in 2013.

“Although the SportSpec was originally designed for golfers, it has gained popularity among outdoor enthusiasts, especially anglers, for its ease of use when it comes to getting a closer look while tying hooks or lures. More recently, it has caught the attention of metal detecting enthusiasts and pistol shooters,” Mansuy said.

Bifocals and progressives are there when you need them, but they’re also there when you don’t, Mansuy added.

For example, he said, “when it’s time to score that dash, SportSpec is there to help you keep up and when it’s time to shift gears to get going, its adjustable, low-profile design keeps your clear vision and your eye on the ball.”

Anglers, Mansuy said, can stay focused on fishing and not on finding bifocals or their favorite lure. “SportSpec is here to give your vision the boost it needs for anything up close, ashore or in the boat – without worrying about throwing away another pair of goggles.”

“I can’t hit the ball when I’m wearing bifocals, so I use single prescription lenses to play. Before I had the SportSpec, I had to rely on a partner to enter scores and read hole distances Now I just flip it down. I’ve tried bulky flip-up lenses before, but this lens is so easy to use and it fits right under the visor of my hat,” said customer Grant R. of Davenport. , in Florida.

SportSpec has a 60 day return policy and a one year warranty.

For more information about SportSpec and to place an order, visit The website also features a Strength Finder page that allows users to choose a magnification strength, aligned with their age and the activity with which they will use SportSpec the most.

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