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MADISON — A Madison man who teaches young people about generosity, honor and the value of hard work has caught the attention of a national news network.

NewsNation’s “Morning in America” ​​segment featured Madison’s Rodney Smith Jr. about his initiative, Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Service. Smith founded the service as an inspirational mission that connects generations.

NewsNation’s “American Hero” profile spotlighted Smith as someone who brings kindness, generosity and positivity to others.

In 2015, Smith started the organization after watching an elderly man struggle to mow his lawn. Smith parked his car and then finished mowing the man’s lawn for free. Smith realized he had found his purpose.

The Raising Men & Women lawn care service combines typical yard maintenance with a commitment to keeping girls and boys on a positive path while learning and understanding their value in society.

“Raising Men & Women provides free lawn care to our seniors, people with disabilities, single mothers, people in need and our veterans, who don’t have the time, resources and/or money to tend to their garden,” Smith said in a previous interview.

To date, 4,138 boys and girls mow classes. The young volunteers mowed “freely” more than 21,000 yards. The initiative has more than 250,000 supporters worldwide.

Smith created the “50 Yard Challenge” for youngsters to mow 50 lawns. Kids just send in a photo while holding a sign that reads, “I accept the 50 Yard Challenge.” In return, Smith sends safety goggles, hearing protection and a white logo t-shirt. For 10 cut lawns, the child receives a new colored shirt.

Once the child has received his equipment, he can get to work. When the child has mowed 50 yards, Smith sends a black T-shirt that symbolizes the child’s success.

Plus, Smith travels to the kid’s town or travels overseas to showcase a new lawn mower, weed killer, and grass blower to complete the challenge.

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