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As we do from time to time, today we leave the stage to our readers because their voice matters.

Now nowhere is safe (1) (04/04/2022)

Awolowo in the 70s said that the children you failed to raise will never let you have peace, true or false?

Emmanuel Joshua Oluwabankole

We Nigerians are physically and spiritually defeated by our beliefs about our government’s ability to protect us, and sincerely the youth care less about the issue of government, the country is getting worse and on the verge of collapse.

Look at those strikes that keep students at home for months, at the corruption at every level and at the terrifying insecurity of the nation, now I’m sure even the rich don’t have a safe place to stay. This nation has sinned so much, we should either rise to greatness or the nation may be divided. The truth is always bitter.

Abubakar Abul Amina

It’s the bitter truth sir! May you reign long with good health and deeds worthy of emulation.

Shehou Mohammad

The children you failed to train will never let you have peace. The truth is that not everyone who is privileged in Nigeria cares about other people’s problems. May God continue to bless our young people.

Maiwada Tukura Makurna Prince

The children you left untrained will never let you have peace.

Bilal Ismail

The truth is bitter. Okay sir.

Abubakar Sadiq

All hope is not lost, do not despair. The government has tried to be aware of the situation, what you have to do is appreciate them and motivate them.

Bulama Bukar Buttu

You said it all sir. We choose to remain silent instead of condemning the systematic attacks and assaults on individuals and places in Yobe and Borno. Now that the relentless insurgency has spread across most of the country, we are paying the price for our failures. May God increase you in knowledge and wisdom, and strengthen you to speak the truth that matters most.

Mubarak Shu’aib

This happened because of the “I don’t care” attitude of politicians.

Ismail Isyaku Gachi

You did well sir, now it’s our turn to call home anyone abusing their position and those behind all this chaos.

Comrade Abubakar Lawan Kiru

The high level of “I don’t care” attitude and hypocrisy led the North to where it is today. He wouldn’t have gotten to this level if they hadn’t played 10 10 with the whole situation from day one.

Ovie Okukulabe

My mentor, I would like to add more to the security challenges we are currently facing, especially in northern Nigeria, but you have said it all.

Jajere Abdul

Nigeria is bleeding, sir. In Nigeria today, nowhere is safe. Insecurity has gripped the country, fueled by poor governance and corruption.

Dauda Shehu


Ali Tijjani Hassan

Captured succinctly. God save Nigeria!

Offiong Ita

Your submissions are valid sir, and as you mentioned in one of the paragraphs about how our intelligence collapsed, dozens of marauders will ride into communities, abduct their target and rush into the bushes unchallenged .

Ibrahim Baba Saleh

They don’t run in the bushes, Malam Ibrahim, they walk.

Author’s comment.

We are where we are simply because we were less concerned with what mattered to some of us.

Abdallahi Bard

As usual, this is an excellent article, Dr Hassan, an articulation of everything you have said on the subject over the past five years. I hope those responsible for saving lives and property in this country will read the article and use the lessons to do their jobs effectively. If we fail, calamity would come to us and there would be no one to speak for us, may Allah prevent such things from happening. I wish you more wisdom to continue your selfless service to humanity.

Professor Mohammed Khalid Othman

We’ve heard enough condemnations, now we want to see action upon action.

Elbash S Umar

A practical condemnation is what we needed. More ink to your pen sir.

Jibril Alhaji Yunusa Susa

Thank you Mr. Gimba for this important piece. We are consumed by our own creation, Allah yabamu mafita.

Kabiru Sadik

The corrosive insecurity caused by poverty is getting worse. We need private security.

Sufi Abdussamad Yahya

Ma Gombe is safe.

Oumar Kawuwa

One bad thing about Nigerian leadership for years is its nonchalant attitude. They will intentionally ignore a thorn until it spins out of control. Terrorism, banditry, corruption and other social vices can be stopped at the incipient stage, but the corruption within us cannot allow the authorities in charge to act quickly until it spirals out of control. The sad state of our collective irresponsibility brings us to where we are today. But it’s never too late to make amends. If we can all be responsible, we can overcome our difficulties.

Ahmad M. Salihu

This stanza was first used in Nigeria by Senator Kashim Shettima lately when he was Governor of Borno State and Chairman of the Northern Governors Forum when explaining the carefree attitude of some of his colleagues faced the threat of Boko Haram during their meeting. Hassan Gimba also did a good job. He’s a wonderful columnist.

Aboubakar Ali Abdallah

This version of “Now Nowhere is Safe” not only analyzes the problem of insecurity on many fronts in Nigeria, but also encompasses well-designed and workable solutions to combat it. Many practical solutions to the problem in question have been described. Only if they have ears/eyes to hear/read. But they decided to turn a deaf ear and throw them away, maybe because they were safe. Now no one and nowhere is safe. Thank you, doctor, for this masterpiece.

Dr Ukasha Ismail

To correct

Victoria Kitchener

Let me wear my reading glasses.

Taha Mamman Shamaki

Now nowhere is safe (2) (04/11/2022)

It’s nice. Keep telling the truth. Long may you go, sir.

Comrade Usman Abubakar DSTimetable

The heat is on. Revolution is brewing for all the evil politicians in Nigeria…

Keep plundering and making people poorer than their thoughts.

Mmaduabuchi Nwoda

I like this background journalism.

Chris Akani

Thank you for revealing the facts.

Oumar Farouk

Perfectly said! Dear sir, indeed, you are absolutely right about what you said.

Comrade Idris Salisu Ahmed

Including where you write from? Stop exaggerating our situation.

Abubakar Sarki Umar

Abubakar Sarki Umar, sad you still don’t see things for what they really are. The situation is worse than anyone can ever put in writing.

One day, una will look for SENSE. Even in war-torn Ukraine, people stole the writing. Do you or your loved one have to be a victim before believing that the security situation in the country is currently terrible? Really sad how you reason.

Hillary Idornigie

Abubakar Sarki Umar even from where you are commenting is not sure just because it did not reach you.

Sanda Yakubu Nehemiah

Exactly Nigeria is bleeding!!!

Ibrahim Moussa

Now nowhere is safe (3) (25/04/2022)

Nigeria is on the battlefield as the elite prepare to be re-elected or elected in their place to stop the campaign and focus on the situation, but they are all busy with their selfish interests while their fellow Nigerians suffer from different calamities.

Ibrahim Rayyahi Alfulaty

We should just stop the blame game and save humanity. We have called for unity to liberate Nigeria and the black race, northern and southern Nigeria must all wake up and face the truth; we must unite.

Ibrahim Unit Adam

I am very impressed with Hassan Gimba’s explanatory writing; it is an in-depth analysis of the dire situations in Nigeria today. Who will save Nigeria?

Former Victor Onyemairo Chukwudi

More ink to your golden pen, our veteran columnist, Dr. Hassan Gimba.

Inuwa Ayuba

May Allah Almighty protect you.

Sani Wakili

The concluding paragraph carries a huge message and says it all. Thank you Dr for taking such a bold step.

Dr Ukasha Ismail

As usual, the question of how this could be solved came to my mind while I was reading the article, but as I continued reading, my question was answered in the last paragraph. You have once again spoken on behalf of the people. Ride on Dr.

Amina Abdullahi

There! After reading “Now Nowhere Is Safe”, I found 2 safe places: “Its leaders must urgently embrace justice and fairness and the laws of the land must apply equally to the king and serf Next, leaders must truly see leadership as a service to the country and not as a way for them and their families to aim to own the land.

  1. “The government must urgently prepare to wage this war and do everything in its power to cut off the recruiting base for terrorists and stop allowing them to prove their strength.” Thank you sir.

Ibrahim Bomoi

Great piece, sir! I stopped receiving your updates on Whatsapp. I hope you are well.

salma muhammad

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