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On May 30, 2021, Jason Ray Williams (as his mother called him when he was in trouble) left this world. He leaves behind his wife, Sherrie Williams, who affectionately called him his Jackass, a term against which Jason, in 10 years of marriage worship, has never really been able to find a proper defense. Together they created a loving family with daughters Makayla Williams and Dravyn Patterson, and sons Eden Williams, Landen Sinnot and Asher Williams.

Also left behind are his parents, Richard and Shirley Williams, who will miss his smiley face, his stories and his ability to make those around him feel loved and important; his sister and her husband, Shawne and Randy Sheldon, who will forever regret the wonderful discussions they used to have even with different points of view, and being able to bribe him with chocolate; and a brother and his wife, Jeremy and Samantha Williams, who mourn from their home in China, casting a veil over the Eastern Hemisphere.

Then, of course, there is the human race in general, who have lost a caring and compassionate soul among them and will experience their grief in a tacit and unrealized manner.

Jason was, as his grandmother would say, full of impertinence, and he showed that propensity at a young age. In his youth he might be known to be argumentative and confrontational, but he did so to stand up for what he believed was right. He was immensely intelligent and logical, and the absence of these qualities in humanity was a constant source of exasperation for him.

As an adult, he came to better accept and understand his imperfections and those of those around him. He focused his attention on helping to make the changes in the world he could, raising his extended offspring of children with the thoughtfulness and compassion he knew the world needed more. He was selfless in his friendship and in his interactions with others and strove to be good, most often succeeding.

Approaching middle age, Jason enthusiastically adopted the proper customs. He smoked the meats with enthusiasm and his breast could compete with the best in the world. He ignored and vehemently denied any evidence of hair loss, and his refusal to switch to bifocals despite their obvious need was impressive. His passing came far too soon and his family will always wonder what kind of cantankerous, loving and selfless senior he would have been.

Jason loved astronomy and physics and often wished he had the opportunity to explore among the stars. In accordance with this wish, his family will pull some of his remains in the heart of the Milky Way galaxy. There, millions of light years away, his presence will bring inspiration and comfort, just like on Earth.

He will most likely continue to be baffled by humanity’s weaknesses, but he will love us all the same, even at this great distance.

Arrangements are in the hands of Winter Oak Funeral Home and Cremation.

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