Offshoot Beer Co. Launches Member-Inspired Small-Batch Hazy Double IPA

ORANGE COUNTY, California – A new month means a new specialty small-batch release from Offshoot Beer Co., and February’s is one big, bold collaboration beer you’re going to want to get your paws on the right…meow. Coat your whiskers with fresh moss – Hoptical Density is a hazy 8.6% ABV double IPA brewed with Citra, Galaxy, Strata and Cashmere hops, with a label inspired by friends at The Bruery and Offshoot who are also members of The Reserve. Company®.

Put on your white coat and your safety glasses – we’re heading to the lab. Kudos to Stephanie and Michael H., Society members and winners of our 2021 Bruery’s Birthday Party auction for a custom Offshoot tag. It was so much fun working with them – inspired by their cat, Linus, and their work as scientists, we created this misty double IPA. Brimming with tropical fruit and citrus notes and aromas, this juice bomb is Science Cat approved and ready to be tested. Don’t wait for this one – Hoptical Density will only be available in limited quantities in The Bruery stores and online for a short time.

After winning the highest bid to design a special Offshoot Beer Co. label, Stephanie and Michael began working with our marketing and design team. They both work in scientific fields, but originally met and bonded over their love of beer, and have an awesome cat Linus who takes up a lot of their lives (but sadly isn’t him -even a scientist). We brought these two ideas together and worked with a local artist and friend of Offshoot to bring this science cat to life. The result is a truly original label that you will certainly not find anywhere else. Hidden throughout are special nods for the couple, featuring their initials and the name of the featured cat. Grab a 4-pack to find all the hidden items! The couple also found the name amazing. The term Optical Density refers to the absorption of light in a given material, and Offshoot has added their fun “hop” twist to it, which works perfectly for super foggy beer and the couple that inspired it!

Stefan Weber, Production Manager for The Bruery and Offshoot Beer Co., also had a blast with this beer. “We finished the brewing process a little earlier than expected, and we thought ‘why not double dry hop! We also bought a local Pilsner malt, which added a ton of extra creaminess to the beer. The result is lemony, fruity and very sweet and shiny in a way that doesn’t drink like it’s 8.6%. »

On a tour of The Bruery and Offshoot facilities, Michael noted, “We’re no strangers to the need to wear safety glasses around our jobs, and Stephanie and I are both avid home brewers, so this opportunity to design our own label was really fun! We take a few hoptical density cases to share with our friends (and Linus). »

Hoptical Density is now available in 4 16oz packs at as well as in limited distribution across the entire Offshoot footprint.

Offshoot Beer Co. is proud to offer:

  • Same day local delivery in Orange County, Los Angeles County and Washington DC for all orders placed before noon on
  • Delivery across CA, DC, PA, VA, VT, ND, OH and NH
  • Same day pickup for orders placed on at their distribution center in Orange County and the Bruery store in Washington DC
  • Availability at bottle shops and grocery stores in 29 states. Use to find their beer on shelves and on tap across the country.

About The Bruery and Offshoot Beer Co.

The Bruery is an adventurous craft brewery located in Orange County, California. With over a decade of experience, the Bruery team is known for innovative, forward-thinking beers that push the boundaries of what beer can be. The Bruery also operates several beer clubs, including The Preservation Society®, The Reserve Society® and The Hoarders Society®.

Offshoot Beer Co. is exactly that, an offshoot of The Bruery that focuses on forward-thinking beers for fans looking for fresh, fun styles that make it easy to chill, with a fun twist from the California coast. Their latest addition joins four other nationally distributed beers, including Relax (It’s Just a Hazy IPA), Retreat (This is a Double Hazy IPA), Coast (An Anytime Hazy Pale Ale), and Escape (It’s Your Everyday West Coast IPA).

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