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An elderly woman felt lonely in her retirement home because no family members visited her until two adorable children arrived, claiming to be her grandchildren. But she had no grandchildren. Who were they?

“Margaret,” the nursing home nurse, Florence, sang to Margaret, who was reading a book in the common room.

“What, Florence? Time to exercise? Because honestly, honey, I don’t want to do this. Let me finish this chapter,” Margaret pursed her lips at the kind nurse and didn’t leave. the eye book. in his hands.

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“No…it’s not exercise, even though you know it’s for your own good,” Florence said, still in her singsong voice. “Actually, you have visitors.”

When Margaret looked at Florence again, she saw a woman next to the nurse.

This caught Margaret’s attention. She never had any visitors. Her only parents were her brother’s children and grandchildren, as she never married or had children of her own. However, none of them came to pick her up.

When Margaret got older and seemed to need constant care, they told her to sell her house and move to a nursing home in Ohio. She saw no other option and did so so she wouldn’t be alone in an emergency. They hadn’t called or visited since she’d moved in.

She wasn’t really sad about it, but her chest ached every time she saw other people receiving visitors. So Florence’s announcement came as a big surprise. She closed her book, took off her reading glasses and looked up. “What is that?” she wondered.

And two feral kids who must have been about eight and six years old came running up behind the nurse, whose expression betrayed her excitement. “Your grandchildren! said Florence, arms outstretched.

For illustrative purposes only |  Source: Pexel

For illustrative purposes only | Source: Pexel

” Grandmother ! Grandmother ! Did you miss us? the boy asked, and the little girl jumped up next to the older woman.

Margaret was stunned, looking at the two children and hearing the word “grandmother”. Who were these children? She didn’t remember. But she played the game.

“Of course I missed you. Did you miss me?” asked the older woman.

“YES!” they both said in unison, jumping up.

“Is there anything fun to do here?” asked the boy.

“Can you play the piano?” Margaret asked, pointing to the instrument in the corner. The kids ran up to her and sat down, playing random keys and making tons of noise. It was disturbing but a welcome change from the prolonged silence in that common room.

When Margaret looked at Florence again, she saw a woman next to the nurse. It was Rosalie!

For illustrative purposes only |  Source: Pexel

For illustrative purposes only | Source: Pexel

“Ah, Rosalie. My darling ! Sure ! Meet Johnny and Kayla! Oh my God ! the older woman exclaimed happily, rising from the couch to hug the newcomer.

Rosalie had been her neighbor a few years ago when Johnny was only two, and Kayla was a newborn. Margaret often babysat for herself and her husband because they were exhausted from work and children. But they had moved two years ago and Margaret hadn’t seen them for a while.

“So nice to see you, Mrs. Langham. I just heard you moved here,” Rosalie said, returning the hug fiercely. “I was back in the neighborhood and hoping to say hello when Mrs. Gant told me where you live now.”

“Thank you for coming to visit, darling. You’re always welcome, but…why do the kids call me grandma? I haven’t seen them in a while,” Margaret asked. She wasn’t angry, just curious.

For illustrative purposes only |  Source: Pexel

For illustrative purposes only | Source: Pexel

“Well, you’re the only grandmother they’ve ever known. I’m not in contact with my parents, and my husband’s parents are long dead,” Rosalie explained. “The kids found pictures with you. I forgot about them and they told me they wanted to visit Grandma. Hope you’re okay.”

“Of course! Of course. Let’s catch up,” Margaret invited, and they sat down. Since then, Rosalie has brought her children over once a week and Johnny has learned to play the piano properly.

Eventually, Margaret figured out that your real family consists of those who show up.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Family has nothing to do with biology or blood relations. It’s about love. Margaret’s parents did not visit her in the nursing home, but her former neighbors did and became her family.
  • The help you give without expectations is usually returned one way or another. Margaret babysat her neighbors when they needed her, and they showed up when it seemed others had forgotten about her.

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