Paperless driver’s license: what you need to know

What was the consideration for the driving license?

All UK driving licenses issued between 1998 and 2015 include a photocard and a paper counterpart. The paper section records all endorsements, penalty points and fees and can be used as proof of your driving record.

On June 8, 2015, the DVLA scrapped the paper counterpart of the driver’s license

Why was the driving license counterpart abandoned?

The driver’s license changes were part of a DVLA process overhaul, which included disposal of the fiscal disc and reduce the cost of the license application.

  • this move aimed to save UK motorists £ 18million per year

  • driving history details are now stored electronically and your details can be viewed securely online using the new Display driver’s license a service

The changes were originally planned for January 2015, but the program was pushed back 6 months so that the online driver’s license verification system was completed.

What happens to my paper driver’s license?

If you have a two-part driver’s license – card and paper – you can destroy the paper equivalent of your driver’s license. After June 8, 2015, the paper section ceased to be a legally recognized document.

Do I have to destroy my paper-only license?

If you had a paper driver’s license before 1998, you should not destroy it.

  • you don’t need to take immediate action and can keep your old license until you need to change your name or address, or if you need to renew it after 70 years.

  • you can choose to upgrade to a photocard license at any time, and can apply through the DVLA website or at the post office

For most drivers, the new system requires little or no action. However, there are some changes that you need to consider if you are considering renting a car or if your employer conducts driving history checks.

Sharing your license details

You can view the details of your own driver’s license at any time by visiting the DVLA website – you will need to enter your driver’s license number, your national insurance number and your postal code to access the service.

But in some cases, you may need to share your driver’s license details with other people, such as:

In the past, you would have presented your paper counterpart because it showed all of your driving rights and endorsements.

The new system allows you to upload your driver’s license history or provide temporary access to those to whom you have granted permission.

How do I share my driver’s license details?

You can share your driver’s license details in several secure ways:

Share your driver’s license details online

  • go to DVLA website and log in using your driver’s license number, national insurance number and postal code

  • generate a unique code using the Share driving license tool

  • provide the unique code and the last eight digits of your driver’s license number to the rental company or employer who requested your driving history

  • code can only be used once and must be used within 21 days

Share your driver’s license details over the phone

  • call DVLA on 0300 083 0013 and provide your driver’s license number, national insurance number and postal code to generate a unique access code

  • share code with rental company / employer

  • as with the online method, the code can only be used once and is only valid for 21 days

You can also call DVLA on 0300 790 6801 and leave permission for a designated person / company to check your driver’s license history over the phone

Share your driver’s license details by mail

Send one application form to: Driver’s License Validation Service DVRE 5 DVLA Swansea SA99 1AJ

  • you must include a £ 5 check or money order (payable to DVLA, Swansea)

  • you will then receive a hard copy of your driver’s license information which you can share with your employer or car rental company.

Download your driver’s license details

You can also go to the site and download your driver’s license history as a PDF once you generate a code – but be aware that some companies may not accept it because it is not information in. direct.

What happens if I get penalty points?

When you get penalty points, you will still have to pay fines and give your license to the court.

  • they will return the license to you, but there will be no penalty points printed or written on it

  • you will only be able to see the penalty points by using the display your driver’s license information a service. You can also check by phone or mail.

Rent a car abroad

If you plan to rent a car on vacation, it is recommended that you generate an access code online or by phone before you leave.

  • the code is only valid for 21 days so you might have problems if you go on a trip for a few weeks

  • if the rental company insists on doing license checks, you will need to find web access to generate a code, or call the DVLA from your destination.

You may want to print a PDF version of your driver’s license history and take it on vacation with you, but be aware that not all rental companies will accept it as proof of your up-to-date driving history.

How to buy cheaper auto insurance?

Being older and more experienced

Experienced drivers with a clean driving record can still get a good deal on their insurance.

Drivers under 25, women and men, pay significantly more than drivers 25 and over.

If you are not an experienced driver, you can reduce auto insurance costs by adding a named driver who is older and more experienced to the policy.

The type of car you drive

Having a car with is the type of car you drive, with speed, safety features, and the car’s value all playing an important role.

Increase your voluntary deductible

This will result in a cheaper monthly premium. Before going out car insurance make sure you can afford any voluntary surplus. This deductible is in addition to the mandatory deductible set by your insurer. This is what you would have to pay if you ever had to claim. Pay in advance

Pay your insurance all at once if you can. Spreading the cost of your auto insurance over 12 monthly installments might seem cheaper, but remember that you will be paying interest in addition to the amount you pay for your auto insurance premium. Drive less

Limiting your miles makes you less of an insurance risk. Quite simply because you reduce your risk of accidents. When you purchase your auto insurance policy, the insurer always asks you for an estimate of your maximum annual mileage. You have to try and your mileage is low, although you have to be realistic about how far you will be driving. Additional security

Having an alarm or immobilizer is considered a theft deterrent and by deterring car thieves you can lower your auto insurance. Not all insurers offer this, so check first.

Think of black box or telematics insurance. Black box or telematics insurance can help you reduce your auto insurance over a period of time.

Small device, the black box is installed in your car.

  • this then measures how fast you drive, when you brake, what time you drive, how fast you accelerate and how you drive around corners

  • some black boxes include an app that you can access on your phone

  • if you drive safely you could be rewarded with cheaper monthly bonuses

Reduce the cost of auto insurance when you don’t own a car

You don’t need to own a car to purchase auto insurance. Unlike a full auto insurance policy, you won’t accumulate a no-claims bonus, but it does mean you can drive someone else’s car, as long as you have their permission. If you only plan to borrow a car, you can also compare quotes for short-term or temporary auto insurance

If you need to ensure multiple searches for cars multi-car insurance Strategies.

Multi insurance may also be suitable:

  • if you own more than one car

  • if you are a family with more than one driver

  • if you are in a relationship with more than one vehicle

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