Paranoid Android 4.5 Alpha 3: on a Verizon Galaxy Nexus

As a Verizon user, it’s unfortunate that the most recent Nexus phone I have access to is a Galaxy Nexus, but due to its smaller memory footprint, KitKat and custom ROMs built on KitKat work great on it. . This includes the third Alpha version of Paranoid Android 4.5, which I’ve been running the tires on since its release early Tuesday morning.

The setup was done in numbers – Paranoid Android’s latest Gapps package is dated 07/25/2014, so luckily I didn’t have a full list of Google apps with updates available when I got opened the Play Store for the first time. As I mentioned above, in my experience, Custom ROMs based on KitKat work great on the Galaxy Nexus, and the latest PA alpha is no exception. Animations and transitions are smooth, and it’s easy to believe that the redesigned Recents feature has been tweaked for performance since the first alpha release. Fun fact: Although the new implementation of Recents looks slightly like Android L, it’s been in the works for months, long before the Developer Preview was announced to Google I / O.

Speaking of Recents, when you run Alpha 3 you can choose whether you want to try out the new design when you first press the Recents button. This choice will also be presented to you when PA 4.5 is ready for the final version. Before we introduce you to the new design option, you should choose to set the Recents button to clear all apps when you tap it again. If you choose this option, tap once in Recents view to clear everything except the most recent app and tap again to close that app.

As I mentioned in a previous article, the redesigned Recents view works almost like an accordion, with larger thumbnails of your recently used apps aligned vertically and the names of the apps displayed in their respective action bars where applicable. . In other words, there is no column displaying the names of the apps on the left side which would otherwise limit the size of the thumbnails as is the case in stock Android.

Of course, I also enjoyed the traditional PA favorites from the stable versions, such as Hover, expandable volume control, custom quick settings, and immersive mode with PIE controls.

I haven’t encountered any issues that you don’t have with any other KitKat ROM on a device that’s almost 3 years old. In practice, only the new “card stack” view of Recents is what places “Alpha” in “Paranoid Android 4.5 Alpha 3”. If you are a fan of Paranoid Android and don’t mind trying out a new feature, you won’t regret trying this alpha version, even using it as your daily driver.

If you want to try it for yourself, you can get the alpha of your Nexus 2012/2013 device here.

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