Patuatuli: A treasure trove of affordable, quality eyewear in Old Dhaka

Want a new frame every day? Glasses like power glasses help us see the world clearly, while sunglasses help make a fashion statement, providing protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Quality eyewear isn’t hard to find at physical outlets or online, although affordability is a major concern, especially if you like to match eyewear to the outfit of the day. If you are looking for affordable eyewear that does not compromise on quality, Patuatuli, home to the largest wholesale eyewear markets in Bangladesh, can offer you just that.

Why go to Patuatuli?

There is no shortage of eyewear stores in Dhaka, with online stores also catering to your demand and convenience. Why choose a wholesale market located in a bustling mall in Dhaka? Let us introduce you to this case: glasses that usually cost between 1000 and 1500 Tk are available between 400 and 500 Tk in Patuatuli!

“All eyewear is imported from China, only a few are imported from India. We have a large collection, you name it and we can provide it to you,” said Md Osman Goni, owner of Eye Fashion on the ground floor. floor of Nurul Haque Tower, Patuatuli.

While selling primarily to wholesalers, retail consumers can also shop for their favorite eyewear, with the added benefit of haggling! It will cost you even less if you buy in large quantities, as it is a great option if you have friends or family members who are very dependent on glasses or are looking for new glasses.

Types of glasses

Want to try trendy cat eye glasses or oversized square metal glasses? What about round or wayfarer glasses? All of these and more are available in the markets of Patuatuli. While electric glasses remain the most sought after item, blue light blocking glasses, which reduce the amount of blue light reaching the eye, are also in demand as screen time consumption has increased for most people.

Electric glasses are sold mainly in metal frames and other variations. There are different types of lenses used in eyeglasses such as bifocals, photosun and others. White lenses are the most in demand while blue lenses are very popular among young people.

Prices start from 150 Tk up to 1500 Tk and more. All of these prices include the frames and the correct assembled motorized lenses.

If you’ve been wanting to get round aviator or hipster sunglasses but are always putting them off because of their expensive tags, the sunglasses collections at Patuatuli Markets will intrigue you. You will find your favorite sunglasses in many variations that perfectly match your sense of style.

Prices vary from 150 Tk to 2000 Tk and more.

“The glasses you see here, if you want to buy them elsewhere, will cost you at least twice the price, so you are basically the source of the glasses market in Bangladesh,” added Md Osman Goni.

Accessories for your glasses

Boxes and a cleaning cloth are provided with your newly purchased glasses. With wholesale prices starting at 50 Tk per pack for the cloths and 80 Tk for the boxes, you can also have them in large quantities if you ever need spares! A very handy tool for your glasses is the lens cleaner, which should be used once or twice a month to clean your glasses, priced around 40-80 Tk.

You can also have your eyes examined by a doctor, as there are offices near the shops. It offers a convenient option to have both ophthalmologists and eyewear stores nearby.

How to get to Patuatuli Eyewear Market

A short distance from Bahadur Shah Park and just beyond Jagannath University on Chittaranjan Avenue there is a pedestrian bridge and on the right side is Patuatuli. There are quite a few markets out there under one domain. New markets have also been built in buildings like Nurul Haque Tower, Sheikh Jamal Tower, etc.

Shops are open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., six days a week, with Friday being the public holiday. So shop around the eyewear markets in Patuatuli and dive into the experience of finding the right eyewear for you.

Photo: LS Archives/Sazzad Ibne Sayed

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