Prosecutors describe Lauren Pazienza’s anger before pushing Voice Coach

Her attorneys, John Esposito and John Leventhal, argued that Ms Pazienza had demonstrated she would not flee by appearing in court, and said the $500,000 bail set by another judge this year and paid by her friends and family was more than enough. to secure his return to court.

Mr Esposito also argued that the manslaughter charge was an “extension”, adding that Ms Pazienza was “receiving counseling and dealing with various issues”.

But the judge, Felicia A. Mennin, was not convinced and ordered the detention of Ms. Pazienza without bond.

At that order, a friend and student of Ms Gustern who was sitting in the courtroom, Morgan Jenness, banged her fist on a court bench in approval. Outside the courtroom afterwards, Ms Jenness, 65, said the order represented a “first step towards justice”.

Ms Gustern was a well-known and well-respected vocal coach who had worked with Debbie Harry, lead singer of Blondie, and Broadway singers, including the cast of the 2019 revival of “Oklahoma”.

Ms Jenness said she started taking voice lessons with the coach around five years ago and Ms Gustern, even at 87, had more energy than any of her students. She loved life, Ms Jenness said, and ‘would never have said anything mean to anyone’.

“The fact that someone crossed the street to push her because they had to pick on someone is sad,” she said. “I doubt she thought she would kill her, but there are consequences. You can’t just have tantrums because the world isn’t going your way.

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