Rachel Bilson is too tired to take her bra off, and we understand

The phrase “falling into bed” takes on new meaning when you’re a mom, as Rachel Bilson illustrates in a lol-worthy pic.

It’s one thing to happily lay back on the pillow in the wee hours of the morning after a fabulous night out, knowing you can stay there, uninterrupted, until noon – but something else entirely to sink your face in the covers, knowing that a still, small voice will wake you up in what feels like five minutes. There really is nothing quite like the relentless task of keeping a tiny human alive to make you desperately want to close your eyes.

How many of us have slumped on the couch, in the rocking chair, or on the nursery floor, unable to even get into the room before falling asleep? The teeth are not brushed. Contact lenses stick to the eyeballs. Putting on your pajamas can be too much, especially when those pajamas are hiding tangled in a pile of laundry.

So we could completely relate to Bilson’s experience. the CO– alum and mom of daughter Briar Rose, 7, apparently fell in the bathroom on Friday morning and, looking in the mirror, realized she hadn’t been able to finish removing her bra- throat before falling asleep.

In the selfie, Bilson holds her shirt above her stomach to reveal a strappy black bra hanging around her waist, the clasp still hanging.

“When you wake up and realize this is how far you went taking your bra off the night before,” Bilson captioned the Instagram Story photo, adding, “# momlife”.

Bilson shares her daughter with ex-fiancé Hayden Christensen and has previously spoken about the challenges of single parenthood during the pandemic.

“If I take a shower several times a week, I feel like it’s a success,” she said. Parents in December 2020. “But I’m not complaining! Living in pajamas and tracksuits – certainly not complaining about it. I am a big fan.

We certainly wouldn’t trade it for the current, vaccinated, more normal version of the world, where you can sit and drink coffee in Starbucks and even get on a plane, but there were some advantages to living in sweatpants. . One being that many of us ditched our bras, kept our laptop cameras angled above collarbone level, and thereby avoided the possibility of waking up the next morning with a brace. -throat folded over the belly.

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