Rain Brown recovers TikTok after being banned

The youngest of the Alaskan Bush People, Rainbow Brown, reveals she was finally able to get her TikTok account back after an accidental ban.

Alaskan bush people‘s Rain Brown gets her TikTok account back after being blocked from her own page. For years, Rain captured the hearts of viewers as she grew into a young woman before their eyes. For more than a season, she and her sister Snowbird were able to play together with their dolls in the Alaskan wilderness while still being close to their parents. Rain was often pampered by her mother since she was the youngest and protected by her siblings.

Finally, the Alaskan bush people star wanted some independence and was eventually able to build her own home on the family property. Through her multiple social media platforms, Rain has kept viewers up to date with her life. The youngest of the wolf pack has been the most vocal online as she grew up with her around her.


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Recently, Rain shared with her followers that she was finally able to get her TikTok account working. Apparently the social media service banned the Alaskan bush people star after thinking her first account was actually fake. After months of back and forth with the social media platform, she was finally granted the right to reactivate her account. She joked with TikTok that she hoped she wouldn’t be banned again and shared the link to her official account with her Instagram followers. Check out Rain’s post below:

Rain has been posting a storm for the past few weeks, including a few selfies and a photo of her new hairstyle. Rain sported large glasses while showing off her platinum locks. She posed right in front of her family’s mountain at North Star Ranch. Discovery Channel viewers couldn’t help but notice that she looked extremely fashion-forward in her red puffer jacket and beaded choker. It will be interesting to see what kind of content Rain shares on TikTok now that his account has been restored. She currently has 344,000 followers on Instagram, so it seems likely that she will be successful on TikTok as well.

Rain just spent time with his whole family at his brother Bear’s wedding. Rain wore a dark pantsuit and her reading glasses to complete the look. The whole family seemed thrilled that Bear had married Raiven Adams after years of dating. Rain is currently still single and spends the day with his sister and mother. Alaskan bush people viewers can’t wait to see Rain in an all-new season of the hit series in the near future.

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Source: Rain Brown/Instagram

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