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On my way to the barn, just to quickly say hello to my husband, I noticed that a few patches of grass may have turned light green. I miss my weekly therapy on the faster-than-lightspeed mower, and judging by the look of the dusty cobweb machine, I think I miss it too.

To save time and money on garden plants, I suggested starting to grow them a little earlier. The ping pong table seems like a perfect place to start a little pre-spring nursery. The last time this table saw real action was probably in the early 80s, before it got covered in anything that couldn’t find a place upstairs.

A few rows of tomato plants, a few green beans, a few cucumbers. Heck, if I use the whole table, I could probably start it all before planting time. To help my case, I even added, because he is an electrician, that he could install artificial lighting. When I get that look, over her reading glasses, I know it’s a moot point, but Mother Nature is really playing with my psyche, acting like it’s spring and it’s not. .

If that’s some kind of trick, I don’t find any humor in it. Spring hasn’t arrived yet, although for those who can’t read a calendar, they think it’s already here. The bushes in front of my office window are budding. The birds hold conventions in the trees, discuss which direction to take, and the dog moults faster than I can vacuum. I even went so far as to have the dog checked out by our in-house vet – my daughter – and although I know she thinks I’m a bit neurotic about my furry child, she reassured me that it was. was just her body reacting to the warm weather. Well, my body is reacting too, and I may have to start mowing the dead grass soon.

Why give us spring weather if I can’t plant anything yet? There is nothing to mow, nothing to plant and I take the dog for so many walks around the land which he begins to veto.

I realize anything can happen in March and I don’t want to jinx us, but I’m really starting to think we’re headed straight into spring after this last set of 10 inches of snow.

The stores are not helping the situation. Why do they showcase potted flowers? Basically, it’s the same as having your house full of sweet treats but not being able to eat them. If we can’t put them in the ground yet, why sell them? Unless of course everyone has a ping pong table turned into a kid’s room.

Sure, spring cleaning inside could be done, but who wants to do that when it’s 70 degrees outside? I opened all the windows and aired out the house and cleaned and lined up the gardening tools, floppy gardening hat and various dried gloves.

The calendar says March 1 is meteorological spring – digging in the dirt is on, as is ping-pong.

Sandy Turner is a mother, grandmother, former babysitter, and retired journalist living in Missouri who writes a weekly column about home, family relationships, and staying positive during tough times.

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