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“I never thought I’d see the light of day,” the cynical Cy told me in the club lounge. “Minnie is caught up in the flood of modern auctions.”

Minnie Bottoms, our senior member, wears old bifocals that make her mix up kings and jacks, often to the dismay of her opponents. Cy was Minnie’s primary victim.

“Does she play strange conventions?” I asked.

“She opens up warped norums,” Cy growled.

Minnie had opened 1NT as South today, and North raised in the game. Cy, West, was leading the king of hearts: four, two… and Minnie’s jack.

“She thought she was winning the round with the king,” I laughed.


“After we convinced Minnie it wasn’t her lead role in Trick Two,” Cy said, “I led the Ten of Hearts – a jerk that I was. Minnie won with the ace. , led another heart and made nine tricks: five clubs, one spade, one diamond and two hearts. If she wins the first trick, there is no way she will make 3NT.

Some players are ready to open 1NT with a high honor singleton. I never would.


You have: SAHAJ 8 5 DJ 4 3 CKQ 10 9 3. The croupier, to your right, opens a spade. You double and your partner bids two hearts. The opponents pass. What are you saying?

ANSWER: This matter is closed. Your double made your partner respond, and they may have a bad hand and a bad heart. Still, your hand has extra strength, and a three-heart raise wouldn’t be outrageous. I would fold but I would raise with 2, AJ 8 5, AQ 3, KQ 10 9 3.

Southern dealer

No vulnerable side


S 9 8

9 6 4

AD 9 7 2

CAJ 4 2


LP 10 7 5

HKQ 10 7 3

DQ 8 6

C 6


SKJ 6 4 3 2


DK 10 5

C 8 7 5



HAJ 8 5

DJ 4 3

CKQ 10 9 3

South-West North-East
1 NT (!) Pass 3 NT Any Pass

Leading role – HK

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