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At my current stage of life, I find it very easy to consider the “maybe been.” “

Be careful, I do not dwell on it, because I am very satisfied with the life path that I have chosen. Still, there are times when I wish things, that is, like certain things once were. It mostly has to do with physical appearance and abilities, which have changed quite drastically over the past few years.

Regarding some of my wishes, I believe it is incumbent upon me to take the measures that might fulfill them.

Others, well, I don’t think there is much that can be done to achieve them.

Perhaps you can tell the difference in these few lines.

I know there ain’t no time machines

And there is no fountain of youth.

The above is really gone;

I know this is the truth.

But there is no harm in wishing

For things that were.

So here is my wish list;

It’s not too long, you’ll see.

I wish I didn’t need bifocals;

I wish I didn’t have a double chin;

I wish I was thirty-two inches in the waistline,

And I could do a back flip again.

I wish I still had a hairline

I didn’t have to bend down to see.

I wish to get out of a car

It was easy for me again.

I wish when I got up in the morning

It didn’t look like the end of the day.

I wish when I stand on the scale,

They wouldn’t show what I really weigh.

I wish I could stay up late as before—

Losing sleep wasn’t difficult at all—

Instead of dozing off in my chair

Before I got the call for dinner.

I wish when I swing a golf club,

It was effortless like before,

And pick up basketball games

Didn’t take everything away from me.

But I guess what I want above all is

The accomplishment of this daily task—

That I could remember like before.

Is it too much to ask?

John Pryor graduated from CE Donart High School. He can be reached at p29jpryor @

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