Tampa Bay singer arrested over parliamentary riots

TAMPA – Federal officials arrested Audrey Ann Susard on Wednesday on suspicion of participating in a riot at the United States Capitol on January 6.

Springhill vocal trainer and piano teacher Suzad entered Tampa Federal Court with his arms folded Wednesday afternoon. She sat quietly on the defense table and looked at the court documents with reading glasses.

The judge read aloud the list of the nine crimes alleged in the complaint against her. These include assaults on federal officials, obstruction of law enforcement during civil riots, obstruction of justice and parliament, chaotic behavior in small buildings and premises, and physical violence in the premises of the Capitol. included.

Relationship: Tampa man pleads guilty to rioting in Parliament on January 6

January Susard Tampa Bay Times history, This details his appearance in a video showing an angry mob attacking the Capitol Hall.In one of the pictures, you can hear him screaming provocatively at the police. The story also mentions her incredible musical talent, that she was acclaimed and presented at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

A narrative accompanying the criminal charge calls her Audrey Ann Susard-Ramsey and includes a detailed timeline of the FBI’s investigation into her activities on January 6.

“I am ready to stand in front of the Capitol and accept it,” she said on Twitter. “As soon as we have enough people here, we’ll run the Capitol. It’s gonna be fun.”

Anonymous witnesses confirmed they were traveling from Florida in a rental car with Southerd and two other people on January 5. They rented a condo in Williamsburg, Virginia, and traveled to Washington, DC the next morning.

Witnesses said they were separated from Southerd when the crowd rushed to the Capitol. After some time, witnesses found her crying on the east stairs outside the building. According to court documents, she said she went inside.

FBI agents cited multiple surveillance footage from inside the Capitol, where he appears to be in the hallway with other crowds. A statement of fact also indicates that Southard is in line with the Capitol Police. I am referring to a video clip seen in front of a large crowd approaching.

“Tell Pelosi we’re coming for this -” she said in an exchange quoted in the document: “Ready, ready.…. What will happen to us 100,000?… Last friend, last bullet. What’s going to happen? “

In an interview with the FBI on January 26, a parliamentary police officer said, “Sgt. V. “Suzard was one of the two main instigators who confronted him. According to the document, when the police attempted to suppress the crowd, Suzad grabbed the flagpole and pressed it to the sergeant’s chest. She kept pushing, pushing him through a series of doors and a marble statue that hit his head. I pressed it.

“Sergeant V. felt trampled during the trial,” the document reads.

Audrey Answers (center) holding a mask during a protest against the Black Lives Matter protest in New Port Richey on August 8, 2020. [ Courtesy of Bryan Edward Creative ]

FBI task force officer Shiovan Maceda, who knew Southerd from the Florida protests, looked at pictures and videos to identify Southerner. The FBI also obtained records from Google showing that there was more than an hour of mobile devices linked to Southerd in the Capitol building during the riots.

In court on Wednesday, Southard told US Judge Anthony Porselli he had spoken to a private attorney but was unsure if he could afford to hire a lawyer in the future. Appointed a public defender.

He allowed Suzard to be released with a signed deposit of $ 50,000 which should only be paid if he did not appear in court in the future.

His release was conditional. While her procedure is ongoing, she will not be permitted to travel outside of central Florida. She can travel to Washington, DC to appear in court.

Upon her arrest, Assistant Federal Prosecutor Patrick Scruggs expressed concern that she refused to answer the question of whether Suzard had a gun. The judge ordered the abandonment of all firearms belonging to Suzard. She was also ordered to return her passport.

Susard didn’t say much else during the brief hearing. A new trial date has been set for next week.

Susard is one of 400 people accused of crimes related to the seat of the Houses of Parliament. The total includes more than 40 Floridians.

A crowd of supporters of former President Donald Trump drawn to the capital to protest the 2020 election has temporarily disrupted Congress’ recognition of the Electoral College’s results. Senator, Representative, Mike Pence The former vice president fled for safety. Five people were killed, including police officers.

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