Teen Mom Fans Worried About Rachel Beaver After She Suffers ‘Sad’ Depression Over Insecurities About Her Appearance

TEEN Mom fans have expressed their sympathy for Rachel Beaver after she broke down on tonight’s episode due to her “insecurities”.

The reality TV star opened up about her low self-esteem after putting in contact lenses for the first time.


Rachel Beaver revealed her ‘insecurities’ on tonight’s episode of Teen Mom

On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, 20-year-old Rachel put on some contacts for the first time as she prepared to take her driving test.

However, the mum-of-one, who is used to walking around ‘fuzzy’, was devastated by the experience.

“I don’t like what I see,” she told her boyfriend, Noah.

“Why this?” He asked

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“Because I can see everything in my face. I will never wear them unless I’m driving, I can guarantee that,” she said.

About to burst into tears, Rachel then fled to the bathroom where she engaged in a negative conversation in the mirror.

“Look at those horrible crusted corn teeth, a**b***h. There.”

Although Noah tried to laugh at his girlfriend’s rant, she continued, “I don’t want my contacts there. I feel so embarrassed now.

“I wear makeup without contacts so it’s kind of like a blur…I just see all my insecurities.”

As the scene aired, many viewers took to Twitter to voice their concerns for the MTV star.

One wrote: “So sad that she doesn’t want to wear her contacts because she doesn’t want to look at herself!”

Another agreed: “God, Rachel…who knew contacts would do this.”

A third urged Rachel to ‘calm down’ while another claimed she was ‘clearly in a lot of trouble’.


In a confessional, Rachel revealed more about her negative image of herself.

“I was ugly for about ten years. And I’ll just say it, I love myself like a blur, because you can’t see all your insecurities I guess.

“I didn’t really notice it because I was blind for so long.”

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