The Batman gadget that might have been the most useful of them all

This gadget in question is introduced at the beginning of the film. After Batman visits the scene of the first murder at Mayor Don Mitchell Jr.’s home, he returns to his Batcave and removes the contact lenses from his eye. Obviously, the lenses recorded everything that happened, allowing him to print out a copy of the cipher the Riddler left behind so he could analyze it at his leisure – and allowing the clever Alfred (Andy Serkis) to put his confusing skills to the problem. as well as.

However, these contacts did not just record video for later analysis. They also provide real-time information by projecting words and other information onto the wearer’s eyeballs. It gives a sci-fi (and somewhat Iron Man-like) twist to Batman’s mission, while still not seeming so high-tech that spoils the film’s sense of realism.

A Redditor pointed out that the film did a good job of setting this up, as Batman is criticized early in the film for staring at people. It is later revealed that the lenses require some time to focus on a subject to provide identification based on its facial recognition capabilities, which is a good way to demonstrate the limits of its (admittedly very impressive) technology. “So all the time Batman is watching people to see their IDs and making sure he gets good footage to check them out later,” u/monsterpoint said.

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