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Almost anyone can find frames they love and lenses that match their prescription at EyeBuyDirect. The prices are in the mid-range and the payback period is shorter than most, but our testers consistently rated EyeBuyDirect as better than the competition.

With single vision Rx glasses starting at $ 13 and going up to $ 233 during our testing period (depending on frame and lens options), plus a 14 day full refund policy, no questions asked, EyeBuyDirect is a great place to start your online eyewear search. Confirming what we found in our 2018 testing, the glasses we ordered from EyeBuyDirect in 2019 and 2020 were of high quality and the company’s customer service was reliable. While EyeBuyDirect doesn’t offer in-home frame trials, we found that their virtual try-on tool provided us with an adequate representation of what the glasses we chose ended up looking like on our faces. Starting in 2020, the company now offers an unmatched two-day no-cost or low-cost shipping option for a wide variety of executives. (A pair of Test 2020 single-vision prescription glasses arrived in just 33 hours.)

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Liingo glasses

Liingo glasses

Even though it offers fewer frames than EyeBuyDirect, Liingo has the most generous full refund policy of any retailer we’ve considered – 60 Days, No Questions Asked.

A newcomer to the online eyewear shopping scene, Liingo Eyewear stood out from similar retailers that offered free home trials of up to five frames, not only for its generally larger frame selection, but also for its exceptional return policy (which can be executed in just two clicks). While the glasses we ordered from Liingo are, on average, more expensive than those we got from EyeBuyDirect, Liingo gives you two whole months to return your glasses for a full refund, compared to two weeks with EyeBuyDirect.

Also awesome

Zenni optics

Zenni optics

It is possible to score a superb pair of eyeglasses from Zenni. And judging by customer reviews, as well as our own testing, a lot of people do. But this retailer only offers store credits or partial refunds for returns, making it a riskier choice.

If you are comfortable taking a risk with a retailer that offers a lower return policy, you might be surprised how little you have to spend at Zenni Optical on prescription glasses comparable to those you will receive from. an optician. Despite Zenni’s ultra-low prices, we found that it exceeded our expectations, sometimes impressively. A tester who ordered $ 19 glasses from Zenni was perfectly happy with them. Another tester preferred the $ 149 progressive prescription glasses she received from Zenni over the comparable $ 295 pair from a competitor. Zenni’s executive selection is the largest of any company we tested. If the glasses you order from Zenni don’t work for you, be prepared to accept store credit (worth 100% of the original purchase price) or just half your money, excluding shipping. .

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