the latest aluminum frame ballistic goggles from Gatorz

Luke Cuenco 03.02.22

Your eyes are the key to victory, whether on the flat ground, on the battlefield, or on your last hunt. Keeping your eyes protected will ensure they can continue to be used for your shooting job or favorite sport for decades to come, and today Gatorz has just announced the latest addition to its line of metal rimmed safety eyewear frames. aluminum – the Wraptor Frame.

Wraptor - the latest aluminum frame ballistic goggles from Gatorz

Wraptor – the latest aluminum frame ballistic goggles from Gatorz

The Wraptor frame features a wraparound fit for full protection across the front of your eyes as well as the sides and is very similar to my favorite style of safety eyewear – the shield style. The advantage of Wraptor frames is not only their wider eye coverage area, but also their compact design which allows them to fit more easily under hats, helmets and work better with the method of protection. hearing you have chosen.

Wraptor - the latest aluminum frame ballistic goggles from Gatorz

Like other Gatorz Ballistic Scopes, the Wraptors are able to withstand two shots from a .15 caliber projectile that travels between 700 and 725 fps without producing cracks or fragments that could dislodge from the body and injure the face or the eyes. The Wraptor frame will use the already existing range of Gatorz lenses, including their Inferno photochromatic (transition) lens, clear lens and of course their smoked lenses – all of which offer UV 400 protection and include both anti-fog and a hydro-oleophobic coating.

Wraptor - the latest aluminum frame ballistic goggles from Gatorz

In addition to the release of the Wraptor frame, Gatorz is also releasing a few limited editions of already existing frames like the new Specter frame in Cerakote Gunmetal, OD green or Tan. The new Wraptor frames will be available (at the time of writing) in black frame configuration only and will retail for $240.00. What do you think of this new offer? Would it be good to keep them in the gear bag for shooting sessions and hunting trips? Or do you have a specific pair of glasses for every occasion?

Wraptor Specifications

  • Lightweight and durable aerospace grade aluminum
  • Fully adjustable frame and nose
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate lenses
  • thin temples; Comfortable fit under helmets and hearing protection
  • Hassle-free returns
  • Free shipping in the United States
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • Discount for military, veterans and first responders
  • American made

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