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To execute and get away with the many crimes he commits, Netflix’s Lupine main character Assane Diop (Omar Sy) has to indulge in a little trick. More precisely, the art of disguise.

Throughout the show, we see Assane don a wide variety of disguises to trick the police into bringing down Hubert Pellegrini, the man who tricked Assane’s father into stealing a diamond necklace 25 years before it started. a spectacle.

In the style of his idol, the fictional thief gentleman and master of disguise, Arsen Lupine, Assane goes through these disguises effortlessly, sometimes even changing his identity mid-heist. Here are some of her looks:

Luis Perenna

This is the first disguise we see Assane in. In the first episode of the series, he claims to be a man named Luis Perenna and applies for a job as a janitor at the Louvre, the largest art museum in the world. We find out later in the episode that he is doing this so that he can steal the Queen’s Necklace, the same necklace his father was accused of stealing.

Paul Sernine

Assane uses the pseudonym of Paul Sernine: a rich technical brother, to participate in the auction of the queen’s necklace, to bid and to win. It’s part of his plan to steal it.

The food delivery man
Assane dons this disguise in the third episode when he wants to speak to Juliette Pellegrini but knows that she will show up with the police. When he’s done talking to her, he sets off with the police in pursuit, leading to one of the coolest (and funniest) escape sequences in television history.

The coward
This is the identity Assane adopts when he infiltrates Fabienne Bériot’s office to retrieve the video cassette containing a video linking Hubert Pellegrini to an illegal arms market and a possible terrorist attack.

Max, the computer scientist

With a beanie, sweater, and pair of reading glasses, Assane becomes Max: the computer scientist, luring Commissioner Dumont out of a meeting at town hall so he can take him off and question him.

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