The Stickite lens provides relief to more than 80 million Americans with age-related presbyopia (presbyopia)

NEW ALBANDY, Ohio, October 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As we age, our eyes become less flexible and we find it difficult to focus on nearby objects such as a book or smartphone. This condition, known as age-related presbyopia or farsightedness, usually appears in your early to mid-40s and is unavoidable. There are no diets or exercises known to delay or prevent this natural part of the aging process. Over time, virtually everyone will need reading glasses of one form or another.

The situation is more acute when wearing sunglasses outdoors. Now, when presented with a text message or a coffee menu, the unfortunate wearer has to remove their sunglasses and replace them with reading glasses, which is both a tedious chore and a tell-tale tell. age. The truth is, passing shades to readers adds 15 years in 15 seconds.

Sticktite lenses solve this problem. Our self-adhesive reading lenses convert the wearer’s existing sunglasses into bifocal readers. The adhesive lens sticks to the inside of the bottom of their sunglasses so that when they look down to read, say, their phone, they’re looking through a high-quality magnifying lens, giving them can read clearly.

Sticktite lenses are made from a patented, flexible, high-index polymer that bonds to glass or plastic lenses (including those with specialty coatings) without the need for adhesives. Additionally, the lenses can be easily moved, repositioned, or removed and reused without damaging the underlying lens or leaving residue.

Beyond sunglasses, Sticktite lenses work well with safety goggles, ski goggles, and even — since when fitted, they’re waterproof — diving masks. The lenses are thin and very flexible, so they grip securely regardless of the curvature of the underlying lens.

Sticktite lenses are available in 6 magnifications ranging from +1.25 diopter to +3.00 diopter. In addition to general use, they are excellent for outdoor activities such as fishing, biking, skiing, hunting, etc.

Sticktite lenses are available through the Company Website and as well as – increasingly – wherever quality sunglasses are sold.

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