The UCLA vs. Gonzaga clash through the eyes of the Bruins greats

UCLA’s Darrick Martin controls the ball in a game against California.


Biography : Martin ended his UCLA career second in school history in assists (636) and interceptions (179) while helping the Bruins reach a regional NCAA tournament final in 1992. He was a winner. pursued a long professional career before moving on to coaching and developing players as a leader. instructor for Legacy West Basketball alongside Mitchell Butler, another Bruin teammate.

How was it to watch Gonzaga’s game?

“Well that was really good to watch. The kids at UCLA were competing, they were playing hard, they were playing for each other. Throughout the tournament it was really cool to see them fight. , pass and move on – you know, survive and move on is the thing, and they went out there and played really well, played both sides of the floor together and it was cool. It really made me proud.

What was your favorite moment?

“Just their whole run, seeing it from game to game, their confidence growing with each game, them playing together, them taking and making timely plays at both ends of the pitch, that’s what stood out to me. , that they were able to do it offensively and defensively – when they needed a stop, they got a stop, when they needed a big bucket, they got a big bucket, so that was really cool.

UCLA forward Cody Riley scores against Gonzaga forward Drew Timme in the second half.

UCLA forward Cody Riley scores against Gonzaga forward Drew Timme in the second half.

(Darron Cummings / Associated Press)

How did you react when Jalen Suggs’ shot entered?

“All I could do was smile and laugh because I couldn’t believe the game was all about that and a guy hits a half court to beat UCLA and I kind of had to sit there for a minute and looking at it again it was a little incredulous. But at the end of the day the kids, they played great, they fought hard, watching them run this race through the tournament was really cool because you could tell they were playing for each other – that’s what UCLA basketball is, talented guys playing together and shooting in the same direction.

What did the game mean for the program?

“You know, that was a good start to what they did there.… As for the ‘comeback’ of UCLA basketball, we never left – they went through a period. dig and they play to rectify that, but UCLA basketball is here to stay.It’s UCLA, Kentucky, North Carolina and Duke and everyone’s still looking for a brand.

What’s your prediction for Tuesday?

“UCLA had a big win against Villanova which is really good, and I think they have a lot of confidence and that stretches from last year and the success they had and you can see the wear to this year and how they are playing, so it will be a good test for them and it will be exciting.Games like this are the reason you go to UCLA to play basketball.

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