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Oxnard– I’ve said many times that if it’s not one thing that comes back, it’s two things. This week is no exception.

FWHERE For starters, I finally took time out of my schedule to go to the eye doctor because working and staring at my computer screen became a hassle. Yes, I need my glasses and a magnifying glass to see well.

I went there and the doctor told me I needed a new prescription. I also have new frames that fit my slimmer face, which is nice.

The first problem started with the doctor when I told him to write the order for bifocals, and he started arguing with me. After a long discussion, I ditched the bifocals and opted for the more expensive lenses.

Then I went to get my new glasses fitted, and the person in charge of that started arguing with me when I said I would buy a sunglasses clip for my glasses. After another long discussion, I have a new system that allows my glasses to become sunglasses anywhere, eliminating the need for a clip. I got scratch protection and a warranty because I’m a bit rough with my glasses.

In the end, my customer service rep ended up being a pitch rep who squeezed an extra $200 from me for upgrades. The J-Train told me to heal myself a bit; well it’s not my thing.

So, I roll, and when I got home, the dinette set that the J-Train and I had ordered, arrived, except they only delivered the chairs. The J-Train emailed a customer service representative to let her know where the table was, and she received a sarcastic reply saying the rest of the order was on its way separately and to be patient. . The next day we got more chairs than we had ordered and no table. She returned a sarcastic response, and we continue to wait.

On top of that our water heater was broken so it took two days to get someone home and replace it. Needless to say, this made the J-Train extremely unpleasant.

Finally off to the doctor, and even though I lost weight, exercised daily, and got back in shape, he gave me a hard time because I didn’t not spent money on blood tests. I explained that although we have insurance, the deductible would be a financial challenge. He does not care.

One thing the doctor did was upgrade my insulin to something stronger which meant I was on the floor in insulin shock from taking too much. When I recovered, the J-Train was blocking glucose in my mouth, which isn’t my favorite, but it’s my responsibility to manage my blood sugar, and my fault if I don’t. I will fix and fix the problem.

My point is simple; I’m 10 months into this little newspaper publishing adventure, and while there have been setbacks that I can’t control, like in my personal life, you’re still learning lessons and moving forward. I added a new sponsor and pickup location this week, and I’m still building and executing my plan. It takes a lot of work, but that’s okay because I’m a workaholic.

At the end of the day, I go out into the community and bring back things that celebrate life in Ventura County. The Banana Festival is a great example of this, as good people came together to celebrate the personal and economic benefits that come from the port of Hueneme. I’ve also written about some friendly cats at Cassie’s Cats and Kittens in Ventura, and I plan to visit the Wilson Senior Center and celebrate National Pancake Day at this wonderful place this week.

The vision remains the same, but things happen along the way. As my grandfather used to say, hot or cold, you have to move on. Hope everyone doesn’t have any roadblocks this week!

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