This morning’s Alison Hammond reveals a new look – and fans love it

Alison Hammond stunned fans after she debuted a new look on This Morning.

The Birmingham star returned to the show on Friday with her co-host Dermot O’Leary and discussed her new glasses.

Dermot brought up Alison’s new glasses because she usually presents the show without them, reports the Daily Star.

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She told viewers that despite having had glasses for a while, she now decided to wear them onscreen because she was starting to have trouble reading the autocue, reports the Daily Star.

Dermot said: “It’s good to see you, you look great with these glasses!”

Alison replied, “Well, I realized today, I could barely see the autocue, and I finally realized, Alison, that it’s about time. You are 46 years old. Put on your glasses and start using your glasses.

“I can literally see the autocue so much better! No wonder I’ve been so bad all this year.

Dermot then asked her co-host how long she had needed her glasses and Alison explained that she had needed them for several decades and was “in denial” about her vision problems.

She said, “I had really bad eyesight, then about 20 years ago I had laser surgery, and they told me in about 20 years your eyes are going to get worse, but i ‘ve been in denial.

Alison’s New Look in This Morning

“So I had these reading glasses and I just don’t like to use them. “

She described the presentation of the show as “so much clearer” when she was wearing her glasses.

Alison described him as a “whole new world” and told Dermot, “You are beautiful. I hadn’t realized how beautiful you were.

Fans took to Twitter to congratulate Alison on her new look.

One person said, “Hello, love your glasses, you look amazing, I was wondering where you got them from. I would like to buy some.

A second tweeted: “I just thought I would say you look lovely. Your hair and your glasses look really good on you. I look at you more than Dermot “, as another put it:” I just wanted to say that your glasses look really good on you! You are gorgeous as always baby.

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