Tips for driving safety when you are blinded by the sun

Peoria (WEEK) – Have you ever been blinded by the light? Sunrise and sunset can be beautiful sights, but they can also be dangerous.

Just last week there was an accident involving a bus and a small car which was likely caused by glare from the sun. Now that it is fall, our sunrise is moving southeast and our sunset is moving southwest. When driving in these directions, the reflections of the sun can obscure your view.

Triple-A Public Affairs Director Nick Jarmusz said: “… If you’re sun-blinded, one of the first things you should do is slow down and increase your tracking distance. So you compensate and react more. time if something should happen while driving. “

Our sunset is earlier, but it’s still close to rush hour. Accident lawyer Harry Williams explained who is responsible if an accident occurs because he is blinded by the sun.

“Periodically we get a case where the other driver, the driver at fault, claims the sun has blinded them and that’s why they turned on the red light or didn’t see the person they hit. They’re going to be at fault because they first noticed there was a problem. “

To prepare for sun glare, you can make sure your windshield is clear and free of any marks or scratches. If you notice that the sun is bad, and especially during your morning and evening daily commutes, it is best to invest in a pair of polarized sunglasses. These glasses will work better than other regular or extra dark sunglasses.

Make sure to slow down when suddenly blinded and increase your driving distance. You can also try to take alternative routes that travel further north and south rather than east and west.

All of these tips combined can help you stay safe and avoid having an accident while being blinded by the sun.

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