Top tips for those looking for a new eyeglass frame

Many people find it difficult to change the frame of their glasses. This mainly happens because you are not sure if the new model will meet all your needs or if it will match all your styles. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! We have separated 4 very good tips for those looking for a new framework. Understand how to choose the best model to not only match your appearance, but also help you solve your vision problem.

1. The ideal combination for your face

The first step to check before buying the best among the popular eyeglass frames is whether it matches your face shape. Some models speak better to one type of face than to others.

A good tip is to follow these guidelines:

– Square face: opt for round glasses with thinner frames, such as metal ones;

– Oval face: normally any model of glasses is suitable for this face, but it is worth abusing larger and wider frames, such as the Aviator;

– Round face: experts recommend wearing square or rectangular glasses, with angled frames and a more solid design;

– Diamond face: choose square lenses without a rim or round lenses that have a full rim in the frame;

– Heart Face: Although several frames fit this face, opt for smaller rectangular and oval models.

Once you have decided on the best type of lenses and frames for you, it is time to evaluate other points.

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2. A choice to make yourself

A trend among new frames, colors are revolutionizing the world of optics. It is very important to understand that glasses are now considered much more of a fashion accessory than a tool for correcting vision.

When choosing the frame that’s right for you, keep your main look and favorite clothes in mind. Remember that eyewear should complement the image you want to convey. There’s no rule of thumb as to which colors best match your style, but it’s worth thinking about. For example, if you have a lot of red pieces, a purple frame may not blend in with your wardrobe.

Once you’ve decided on the color that suits you best, it’s time to think about comfort.

3. Beautiful and comfortable

There’s no point in having the best possible eyewear model for you if it’s not comfortable. As much as the fashion world has adopted this accessory, it must always be remembered that its primary function is to solve a problem. Once you have the frame in hand, test it!

4. See the world better

Even the best mount in the world can’t help you if you don’t have a good lens. Each vision problem requires a different type of corrective lens. Understand with your ophthalmologist what is your case:

– Simple: for problems near or far;

Bifocals: Bifocal lenses are recommended for people with presbyopia. They can simultaneously correct near and far vision problems;

– Multifocal: like Bifocal, this lens corrects the vision of presbyopic patients, but it is divided into three parts: far, intermediate and near.

This is the essential part of solving your problem, so do your research well before choosing a company to buy your glasses from. Some networks in addition to working with major objective brands, also have a large exclusive production. They work with purchases in large quantities, since they have exclusive contracts with suppliers and for this reason the cost is reduced, which does not interfere with the loss of product quality.

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