Unicoeye launches spooky colored contact lenses to prepare for Halloween

WHIPPANY, NJ, September 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In anticipation of Halloween, Unicoeye, a popular colored contact lens brand, has just announced a new line of Halloween colored contact lenses at the most surprising prices. The line features styles for creepy evil creatures and creative cosplay looks, including unique color combinations and spooky patterns that will perfectly complement any costume.

There’s no better way to enhance a favorite Halloween makeup look than by adding some colored contacts. “We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Halloween Collection as it is a meaningful way for us to engage with and return to the customers we serve,” said the Unicoeye team. “By offering the best discounts, we make it easier for customers to get the best quality lenses without breaking the bank. This Halloween, we want to celebrate with our customers by helping them complete their favorite Halloween makeup and adding a little more excitement and fun to their costumes.”

Unicoeye has been a benchmark for high quality and beautiful lenses since its inception. The company has always been committed to providing the best possible experience and service to its customers. Their colored contact lenses are made with the latest “sandwich printing” technology and premium materials for excellent safety and comfort. Each month they launch different collections based on this season’s theme and are constantly updating these collections to include the latest colors and styles. This fall, the Halloween collection, which features unique color combinations and spooky patterns, is the perfect complement to any eye makeup or face painting idea, whether the wearer is dressing up for a costume party or just wants to add a pop of color to her trick-or-treat look.

Additionally, Unicoeye is offering a special Halloween discount that makes all colored contact lenses on its website more affordable than ever, giving the masses access to accessories to enhance or change their makeup at the best possible price. Anyone looking to get into the Halloween spirit should be sure to visit Unicoeye’s website and take advantage of their Halloween promotion.

Discount details:

  • Halloween Refresh (September 19 – October 5): 3 for $39.99
    Any 5 for $49.99
  • Happy Halloween (Oct 6-31): 50% off orders over $100
    55% off on orders over $150

When it comes to Halloween, there are lots of different things people can do to get into the spirit. One of the most popular traditions is to dress up in a fun and creative costume. To make the costumes more realistic, cheaters can consider using Unicoeye’s collection of Halloween-themed colored contact lenses to change their eye color for the evening. Customers are encouraged to check out the following new items recommended by Unicoeye to create unique Halloween looks.

Twilight Yellow Cosplay Contact Lenses

Anyone wearing the Twilight Yellow Contact Lenses can evoke a weird feeling and attract attention from all directions. What makes these lenses so great is that they are incredibly realistic, resembling the eyes of a character from The Twilight Saga. With the natural daffodil yellow lenses, no one has to envy the actor’s magnetic eyes as they can look like a vampire or a werewolf whenever they want.

Twilight Green Cosplay Contact Lenses

Witch makeup has been a classic Halloween choice. That the green-skinned witches of Wicked Witch of the West or the witch of game of thrones, a pair of Twilight Green Contact Lenses is an essential accessory to bring the character to life. On Halloween night, customers can wear these contacts to match their fun green witch face paint and then transform into a magical witch.

Blind White Cosplay Contact Lenses

Looking for the perfect finishing touch for a zombie cosplay? Or maybe someone wants to add a touch of ghostly charm to their makeup? Either way, blind white contact lenses are the perfect solution. Their plain white completely covers the wearer’s natural eye color, perfect for creating a truly eerie and mesmerizing look. Alternatively, they can be worn to simulate glassy or empty zombie eyes for a stunning illusion.

Breaking Dawn Cosplay Contact Lenses

Through popular culture, Dusk at true blood, vampires have become the most popular creatures on Halloween night. Whether people are looking to scare their friends or add a bit of danger to Halloween night, vampire makeup is a great choice. If someone wants to do it all, consider using Breaking Dawn Cosplay contacts. With their striking scarlet background and black outer ring, they will instantly transform the wearer into a vampire of noble blood.

Looking to add a little more Halloween flair this year? Check out https://unicoeye.com for a wider selection of Halloween colored contact lenses and makeup ideas. Be creative and have fun this Halloween!

About Unicoeye

Unicoeye is a professional colored contact lens brand with a strong sense of fashion. Since its establishment in 2019, the company has always been committed to providing safe and well-made products to every customer. Unicoeye insists on making eye health a top priority, using “sandwich printing” technology in its lenses to protect customers’ vision and provide consumers with a high-quality FDA-cleared shopping experience.


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