Vision Care Emphasizes Proper Eye Care During September “Literary Month”

September 22, 2022, Colombo: Vision Care, Sri Lanka’s largest vision and eyewear solutions provider, marks ‘Literary Month’ which falls in the month of September by highlighting the value of reading for people of all ages.

Reading is one of the most important life skills that humans learn from an early age. Literary Month is a time of year that emphasizes developing the habit of reading. Sri Lanka has always been known for its very high literacy rate, with reading being a popular leisure activity among adults and children. Research has found that reading regularly helps you stay educated and informed, expands your outlook on the world, enhances your creativity, improves your mood, relaxes your mind and body, and strengthens your analytical and thinking skills. critical.

To keep reading all your life, it’s important to keep your eyes healthy. Age has a negative effect on your eyes and when you reach your forties, the natural inner lenses of your eyes become less flexible. As a result, they can’t focus as easily from near to far vision as they could when you were younger. Once this natural lens becomes less flexible, your near vision tends to diminish. It’s a condition called presbyopia and is a natural part of aging.

Various challenges in your daily life will tell you that your eyesight is getting poorer. When you hold books and other reading materials at your usual reading distance, they appear blurry, while holding them further away can tend to make text appear slightly clearer. You may have trouble reading smaller characters in dim or even normal lighting conditions. There may be instances where your eyes hurt when you try to read or do other close work. Sometimes you may realize that you have a headache when trying to read and it may even take you away from your favorite books and magazines.

All of this indicates that it’s time for you to get yourself a pair of personalized reading glasses. The first step is to have your eyes examined by an experienced eye care professional. At Vision Care, you can have your eyes tested using state-of-the-art equipment operated by eye care professionals with years of experience in the field. Vision Care customers can choose from a wide range of leading global brands of reading and eyeglass frames. Apart from pioneering the introduction of the best range of globally recognized eyewear brands to the local market, Vision Care also offers high quality eye tests, eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses as well as hearing aids and hearing tests. High quality optical and ophthalmic products are available at all points of sale.

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