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SwimmingIf you are not a fan of goggles or a swimming mask, avoid the temptation to open your eyes underwater, especially if you wear contact lenses. You can expose your eyes to chemicals, bacteria, sand, or other particles, depending on the body of water. And any of them have the potential to cause injury, irritation, or infection to the eye. If you experience redness or swelling in your eyes after a day at the pool or the beach, be sure to rinse your eyes with cool, clean water – and, if you wear lenses, wash them thoroughly or swap them for a new pair.

Games and sportsTeam sports have safety rules in place for a reason. But when the neighborhood gets together for Sunday softball, there’s a good chance not everyone will be fully equipped with the right safety gear.

Keep in mind that any time you play a sport or game with a ball moving at high speed, from baseball to softball to tennis or paintball, you may experience blunt eye trauma. It can lead to something minor like a black eye, or it can lead to a life changing injury like ruptured eyeball and total blindness. Bottom Line: Wear the helmet and goggles and stay alert at all times during the game, even if it’s just a fun match between friends.

Sun exposureThe sun’s ultraviolet rays, or UV rays, are not only harmful to your skin. They can also damage your eyes. You may get a painful sunburn on the cornea, the transparent outer covering of the eye.

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