Warby Parker x The Paris Review Roland glasses prices and where to buy

There are reading glasses, and there are reading glasses. Warby Parker mounts just released in collaboration with The Parisian review definitely fall into the latter camp. They are glasses steeped in a long history of noble literary activities. They pay homage to Reviewdeep archives of fiction, poetry, art and interviews. They date back to when the magazine featured the works of Kerouac (who coincidentally inspired the name “Warby Parker” in Dharma tramps), Larkin and Beckett. And, if you don’t really care about all of that and just want a new pair of glasses, these look great too.

The frames, available in black and tortoiseshell, are called the Roland. If this sounds familiar to you, it’s because they’re not really new. They are a reissue of a fan favorite form that has fallen a bit off the WP roster. The shape is classic, with rounded lenses and a keyhole bridge. The proportions, however, are a little offbeat: the thickness of the frame is exaggerated, giving the glasses a serious art star (or, more precisely, lit star) vibe. We’re not talking about something so extreme that you can’t wear it every day, but there’s no doubt these frames are made to get noticed.


Warby parker

$ 95.00

As with the rest of the Warby line-up, the Roland is crafted from hand-polished cellulose acetate, can be fitted with a whole range of lenses (blue blockers? Why not?), And starts at an easy-to-swallow price of $ 95. $. If you are in the market, you better buy a pair now. Who knows how long this reissue will be on the lineup, and you don’t want to be caught reading the latest issue of The Paris Review without it, right? Very left.

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