What the characters in Netflix’s The Witcher really should look like

The treatment of Eskel’s character has been a source of controversy for “The Witcher” fans. Eskel is one of Geralt’s witcher brothers in Kaer Morhen, and they train together as boys. Played by actor Basil Eidenbenz on the Netflix show, Eskel has long, curly hair, a slim build, and a scar on the right side of her face. While Eskel in “The Witcher” games also has distinctive facial scars, this is perhaps the only trait he shares with his TV series counterpart. In “The Witcher” and “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”, Eskel (voiced by Tom Clarke Hill) has short black hair and a stocky, muscular figure. His scars are also more prominent in the in-game version, as they cover his eyes, cheeks, mouth, and chin.

The differences between Eskel in the series and Eskel in the games go far beyond their physical appearances. In the Season 2 episode “Kaer Morhen”, Eskel’s character is attacked by a leshy. He undergoes a transformation that turns him into a monster and Geralt is forced to kill him. The character’s death sparked an uproar among fans, but perhaps the biggest objection to the Netflix version of Eskel was the changes in his personality. In the games and the books, Eskel is calm, kind, and loyal – away from the party-loving, aggressive and unfriendly witcher we encounter on the show.

Although “The Witcher” showrunner Hissrich gave him the reasons why Eskel was sacrificed, that hasn’t stopped fans from mourning the loss of the character. At least the players still have their version of Eskel, which no one can take away from them.

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