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Due to his brilliant work in the Netflix series “Crime Story: Colmenares”, which tells the life of actor Luis Andrés Colmenares Sebastien Osorio He can be recognized as one of the big players today. To play this role, the artist had to prepare well for the final rebirth of the character.

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But to achieve the goal of the incarnation Luis ColmenaresThe actor had to step into the world of the aforementioned character and even go through physical changes such as changing his physical appearance for which he was helped with makeup.

Who is Sébastien Osorio?

Sebastien Osorio Actor, born in Bogotá (Colombia) and is now 22 years old. From an early age he lived in the city of Cartagena. His father is actor Sergio Osorio and his mother is artist Ora Maria Mercado.

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He studied cinema at school new York But his professional acting career began with a supporting role in the telenovela on ex-boxer Pambelé, launched by RCN.

Thanks to the constant support of his parents, the actor managed to get to where he is today.

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Sebastian Osorio and his role as Luis Andrés Colmenares

Yes good Osorio He is one of the most famous artists in the acting world, not all was rosy because according to RCN. chain The actor, like the other characters in the aforementioned series, has received several requests from the families of those involved in the case, arguing that the coordination was carried out without the permission of the Colmenares family.

Another detail that got a lot of talk was when we got to know what an actor looks like in real life, which surprised many, given that Osorio is blond with blue eyes.

To play the character, the production had to darken her skin and put dark-colored contact lenses on her.

What other series have Juan Pablo Origo and Sebastian Osorio worked on together?

Juan Pablo Origo and Sebastian Osorio worked together on “History of Crime: Colmenares”. This is a Colombian television series from Netflix, part of the second season of the “Historia De Un Crimen” franchise, released on May 3, 2019.

The television series is based on the Colmenares case, in which the young Luis Andres Colmenares lost his life on October 31, 2010 in the city of Bogotá under strange circumstances. Sebastian Osorio plays Luis Andres Colmenares; While Juan Pablo Origo is Carlos Cardenas.

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