Where To Buy Oprah’s Signature Reading Glasses For Just $29 2022

Glasses are a staple of Oprah Winfrey’s style. Whether interviewing celebrities, covering the Oprah Quarterly magazine, or sharing updates on Instagram, she always sports a bold pair of frames. Well, now we know where to find one of her favorite pairs – and they’re so much cheaper than you’d expect.

In case you missed it, Oprah’s Favorite Things 2022 is out Nov. 1, featuring over 100 of Oprah’s favorite gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season. One of the picks on the list are Take a Bow readers from Oprah’s go-to reading glasses brand, Peepers.

Peepers Take a Bow Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

Peepers Take a Bow Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

Oprah says she likes to choose her glasses to match her everyday outfit, which is why she loves Peepers. She’s already included the brand on her list of favorite things, and this year she opted for The Take A Bow silhouette. The square frame has a striking colorful design that comes in four bold variations: chai tortoise and green, leopard tortoise and red, black marble, and teal botanico. “The oversized frame with a turtle top and color bottom will flatter most faces,” she said. And at just $29 a pair, you can collect (or gift!) all four.

Peepers are both reading glasses and blue light blocking glasses. In fact, they were named our favorite blue light blocking reading glasses of 2022. The Take A Bow frame is available in 10 different magnification levels, from no magnification all the way up to 3x magnification, so you can get the ideal strength for your vision. And regardless of magnification, they all have blue light filtering lenses that will help relieve tired, tired eyes from overexposure to devices and screens.


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