Wonder Years cast you may not know have passed away

Most teens don’t think too much about their future, which is why guidance counselors like Ruebner are employed by schools to spark ideas in the minds of students.

When Kevin met Mrs R. (played by Pat Crawford Brown), she was happy to learn that he (was lying and) was not related to Wayne Arnold. When asking about his interests, Kevin refrained from answering “cars, girls, sports and girls” and just read the classics for the answer, so she suggested he should think about it. ‘university. To do so, he spent the SAT a season later – with Ms Ruebner as test overseer.

Brown was at home at the fictional McKinley High School, herself being an English teacher for decades at Carson High School in California. After the death of her husband in 1976, she focused on her true passion – playing, and worked in the theater before landing a role in the 1985 TV movie “Do You Remember Love”. Never in the lead, she played her fair share of waitresses, cashiers, housekeepers and elderly ladies. Her niece and cheerleader, folk singer Christine Lavin summed up the talents of his aunt Patsy like “a master in the art of transforming these small pieces into memorable pieces”. These tracks included her own vocals as a choir nun on “Sister Act” and its sequel, Ms. Thorkelson on “Coach”, Ida Greenberg on “Desperate Housewives” and Ms. Cassini on “Gilmore Girls”. She even appeared in a superhero movie, speaking into Colin Farrell’s ear in “Daredevil,” leading him to putting a peanut in her mouth, making her choke to death.

After a long illness (not related to peanuts), Brown died in 2019 at 90 years old.

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