You can hunt for rare crystals and gemstones at this mine not far from Toronto

The Princess Sodalite Mine is home to a wealth of rare and sparkling gemstones to discover just a three-hour drive from Toronto in Bancroft, known as Canada’s mineral capital.

There is no better place to do rock farming in Ontario than this mine which contains up to a hundred different varieties of rocks, minerals and fossils at any one time.

One, of course, being sodalite. This beautiful blue mineral gets its name from its sodium content and is found as veins in igneous host rocks, formed deep underground.

Although host rock types containing sodalite may be rare, very large quantities exist at Bancroft of all locations.

There are many other stones among sodalite. The rock farm is filled with finds not only from the sodalite mine but also from other local mines and quarries, while a very small amount comes from other places in the world.

The rock farm is completely free, you only pay $2 per pound for all the treasures you want to take home.

Anyone visiting should bring a pair of approved safety glasses, closed shoes and a few small hand tools like a hammer and chisel as nothing but a bucket for collection is provided.

The Princess Sodalite Mine Rock Shop also offers local and global minerals and fossils in various sizes, a unique collection of sodalite jewelry and other gift items.

Be sure to follow the rules of the area when visiting. Respect social distancing measures by visiting with a small group and picking up your trash to leave the area as beautiful as you found it.

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